How To Become A Witch, Easy

The stereotypical witch has a pointy hat, a hooked nose, a long chin, as well as an eerie cackle. This witch eats babies and turns people to toads- but luckily that does not exactly translate into real life. I will tell you how to become a witch easily. This post will talk about things that … Continue reading How To Become A Witch, Easy

Winter-Themed (Self-Care) Witchcraft

❄ Charm your Hot Cocoa to bring happiness!❄ Add Cinnamon to your hot drinks for protection and happiness!❄ Stir your drink clockwise to attract something and counterclockwise to banish something from your life - banish negativity and attract happiness!❄ You know that TV channel that is a fireplace? Do your tarot readings in front of … Continue reading Winter-Themed (Self-Care) Witchcraft