Wiccan and Witchy Tools

This is my interpretation of these tools, their correspondences, and how to use them. This is not a guide to swear by. This is what works for my craft. No matter what, know you do not need tools to be a witch. This is meant to be a stepping stone for you to be able to … Continue reading Wiccan and Witchy Tools

Winter-Themed (Self-Care) Witchcraft

❄ Charm your Hot Cocoa to bring happiness!❄ Add Cinnamon to your hot drinks for protection and happiness!❄ Stir your drink clockwise to attract something and counterclockwise to banish something from your life - banish negativity and attract happiness!❄ You know that TV channel that is a fireplace? Do your tarot readings in front of … Continue reading Winter-Themed (Self-Care) Witchcraft