Tarot Spell – Welcome to the Community

This is a spell to help newcomers to this community, or any, and really feel comfortable. Know that this spell is to boost your confidence to say hello, or to feel at home in a foreign place. You will need ♡ten of cups - that welcoming factor ♡your favorite hot beverage, I truly mean any … Continue reading Tarot Spell – Welcome to the Community

Tarot Spell – “I Am Well”

Do Not Repost Photos-Keep The Caption on all Photos-Do Not Remove  Watermark-Tarot Deck:Witches Tarot **Disclaimer: Magic and/or tarot is not a substitution for professional help. If you or a loved one is in danger, please do contact a professional** You will need: Nine of Swords Six of Swords The Sun (Optional) Your favorite scented candle … Continue reading Tarot Spell – “I Am Well”