The Power of Why in Witchcraft

Photo by Joanna Kosinska Spell work is not as simple as putting random ingredients together and calling it a day. There is a heavy emphasis on correspondences with the elements being placed into the spell itself. Not just in spells and rituals, but in general really. Cleansing your space, manifesting, all of it requires you … Continue reading The Power of Why in Witchcraft

Winter-Themed (Self-Care) Witchcraft

❄ Charm your Hot Cocoa to bring happiness!❄ Add Cinnamon to your hot drinks for protection and happiness!❄ Stir your drink clockwise to attract something and counterclockwise to banish something from your life - banish negativity and attract happiness!❄ You know that TV channel that is a fireplace? Do your tarot readings in front of … Continue reading Winter-Themed (Self-Care) Witchcraft