Manifestation Monday – CAUGHT IN THE STORM || 05.18.20-05.24.20

Hello, bem-vindos! I hope you are well today! I hope that you are doing well. Right now, the Universe has a lot of unstable energy, and we are being forced to stop and slow down. Many of us do not like this thought, and we try to fight it. We work harder and push harder, but that means we fall harder. Take the time to settle down and rest, you need it. Let’s talk about it.

Right now, it feels like we have nothing. This was not sudden, we watch things fall apart one at a time and felt completely powerless to it. The Universe is begging you to not try and fix it. You do not need to. Take the time to rest and reflect. Find shelter and wait for the storm to pass. Right now things are hazy and we do not know how to respond, so do not respond. Allow yourself to take the time to rest. When the storm clears, then you can begin to plan what to do next. Do not tire yourself out.

This storm is also causing many people to lash out for seemingly no reason. Communication is no longer a thing and people around us seem to communicate with sharp words hoping to cut deep. A lot of the arguing is our passions are being attacked. Projects that we were proud of or excited for are being dismissed and torn down by people around us and it can be discouraging. Do not throw the project away. Keep it close to you and protect it if you can. Not much can be done right now, but know that this is not a sign from the Universe to stop the project, but to wait and take the time to plan it out. Do not ask others for input, that is for when the storm ends. Keep fighting, keep thriving. Okay?

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