Opportunity Comes Our Way – A Sigil

Opportunity is already all around us, all we need to do is see it. That is what this sigil is for. With the help of this sigil, opportunity will practically jump in your face! This sigil, however, is not programmed to work to find opportunity for a certain project, but is set to help you find ways to better yourself and work towards your highest and greatest good. What is the difference? Let’s say you want to find opportunity to find a new job because you hate what you currently do. You can use a sigil to find more job openings that you feel better suit you, but ultimately you are not where you should be. With this sigil, you do not have a say in what path you go on, it defaults to the path you need to be on to elevate you higher spiritually. Lets say in this case it is not with a new job, but with a promotion. You get opportunities to show off your skill and go above and beyond and are now in a position you love, and closer to where you need to be.

To use this sigil, I always recommend burning it over a candle, and after we do so, sit with the energy for a bit. Allow it to surround you. Once you feel it is time, blow out the candle and allow the energy to fly out into the universe so it can come back to you. Another way to use this sigil is to attach it to your water bottle, and drink from it every day. This is not as fast, but it will last longer. I hope it works out well for you!

The image above is the sigil created for this purpose. Start with the long line and roots, then stem it out and draw the rounded bits. End it off with the wide V at the bottom.

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