Manifestation Monday – KEEP FIGHTING! || 05.11.20-05.17.20

Olá, bem-vindos, I hope you are all doing well! This week, I have noticed that things are feeling really heavy. As always, I am sending you love, blessings, and strength your way if you choose to receive them. This week may be difficult for others, but do know that things will get better. We may feel tired and drained, but it is important to not give up. Allow yourself to rest and heal, but get back up and keep fighting!

Firstly, while things have been so incredibly stressful and heavy, things will get better. We are slowly coming out from this huge storm. but it is not because we are running away from the storm, but the storm finally passed. We pushed through and now we are on the other side, looking for the rainbow. Note that for this change, there needs to be some sort of conscious decision to have the new be better than the old. Yes- it is possible for what is about to come to be even better than you have ever imagined! It will not come easy, we will have to shift our focus to leave the black and white thinking and thrive in the grey. Acknowledge that things are different and the pros and cons to the situation, because there will always be both. A good example is when we are Social Distancing, it may suck to lose our sense of normalcy, and things are very scary right now, but we have more time to ourselves and to work on ourselves. We have time to talk to family more, work on hobbies we may have let aside to gather dust, learn new recipes, and so on. Also, even if you do not feel the most productive, even taking more time for your mental health and just allowing your body to rest is beneficial!

We have to allow ourselves to take all the energy we are feeling and turn it into something positive. Have faith in yourself and know that things will be okay. Put that into the universe. Right now we are very conflicted emotionally and when we try to be positive we are hit in the face with negativity which can lead us to spiral- do not allow that to happen. Acknowledge the negative, but do not let it pull you down- work around it. Pretending it is not there will do us no good, so be honest about it and work towards your goal and allow the new information help you, not stop you. Now is a great time to find a way to channel all negative emotions in a healthy way. Right now, a creative side is needing to be let out and this can be a fun way to channel the negative and make it into something positive. If you wish to doodle (even if you cannot draw) or write poems, color, or anything of the sort- do so! New things are beginning, and it will turn out amazingly- so do not sabotage yourself! You deserve to believe in yourself!

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