Intuition and How To Enhance It

As you begin to work with your own personal abilities, you may hear the term intuition a lot, but what is it exactly? What is the importance of intuition? Intuition is understanding and knowing through instinct, not through conscious reasoning. Your intuition is your gut feeling, and heavily relies on the subconscious. This is why this is the best way to receive messages, because we are not influencing the message. However, what is the difference between intuition and hoping? How can we heighten our ability?

Why is intuition important? There are many purposes for intuition, but these purposes are more important once you are interested in shadow work, ancestor work, divination, or anything of that sort. By using your intuition, you will find that gathering information and knowing what to do in situations will be much easier. Also, using your intuition can keep you safe, especially in spirit work. How can we work on our intuitive abilities?

My favorite for building up my intuition is using cards. This can work with a pack of traditional poker cards. Shuffle the cards and then allow yourself to figure out what card you are about to pull by using your intuition. To make it easier, divide it into two groups, red or black. After a while you may find yourself getting use to this exercise, so allow it to be more difficult. Start guessing the suit, then guess the card type (an ace, a king, a queen, etc) and then work up to guessing the card itself (two of diamonds, five of spades, so on). Allow your gut or subconscious to tell you what card it is. Do not second guess, or think about it.

Another exercise I suggest is automatic writing. This can be done with pen and paper or on a computer. Take out a paper or document and just allow yourself to just simply write without focusing on what you are writing. Try to avoid scribbling, but if that is how you can allow yourself to get started with automatic writing without being focused on the end result, then go for it. For typing, close your eyes and let your fingers type whatever needs to be typed. Slowly this will be easier, practice makes perfect.

I also suggest you keep a dream journal and write down your dreams the moment you wake up. Your dreams are created by your subconscious and we can easily receive messages in our dreams that we may not even think of once we wake up. By writing your dreams you can discover what symbolism sticks out to you and then figure out what messages are there for you. Use your discernment to decide if the message is from yourself, your higher self, or an entity of some sort.

Photo by Hayden Scott on Unsplash

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