Manifestation Monday – WORK FOR IT! || 05.04.20-05.10.20

Bom dia meus queridos I hope you are doing well! I am sending you love and blessings your way if you choose to accept them. We have entered May, and creativity is now blooming. Now is the time that the seeds we have planted are beginning to sprout, meaning progress is being made! If not, do not worry, it will happen in it’s own time, just prepare for it!

If you do not know what Manifestation Monday is, I take the energy of the week ahead and help us apply it to our lives in a way that it will benefit us for our highest and greatest good. This reading is timeless, so if this message does not resonate with you then feel free to check out the other readings that are up. Also, if you feel called to, check out my Patreon for weekly readings there.

Right now the Universe is trying to assure us that things will be fine, but that does not mean it is guaranteed. When it comes to the abundance that is coming through, we cannot guarantee that it will stay or if we will even notice it in time. We are going to be given a window of opportunity, and it will be time to take it. We cannot let fear hold us back from what we really want in our life, if we want success we need to fight for it. We have the potential, the creativity, and the passion to succeed, so what is holding us back? Truth of the matter is that we are holding ourselves back. We are too use to comfort and stability and when everything is knocked off course, it makes us uncomfortable- more uncomfortable than it should. We find comfort in what is holding us back, and letting go of the bad influences will be difficult. Believe it or not, saying we cannot do something and refusing to try because we do not believe in ourselves is most likely the biggest culprit.

We need to find a balance. Instead of saying “I cannot do it” ask yourself why you cannot. Are you lacking a skill? Are you lacking a reference? Do what you can to see if you can fix that. Add a yet to the sentence “I cannot do it”. If the reason you cannot do something is because you are too scared, then ask why you are scared. You should believe in yourself more, even if it scares you at times. Finding balance also means admitting when you cannot do something yet. You may be really excited and want to dive right in, but ask yourself honestly if you are ready to make that move, or if you are missing something. If the activity will be for your highest and greatest good, go for it. I, and the Universe, believe in you!

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