Manifestation Monday – UNIVERSE IS LISTENING TO YOU || 04.27.20-05.03.20

Hello meus queridos I hope you are doing well! I am sending you love and blessings if you choose to accept them. As always this is a timeless reading, but before we dive in I just want to check on you. How are you feeling? Are you safe? Healthy? Stressed? I hope things get better for you, and yes even if things are going great I wish they get even better. I want you guys to know that you deserve to feel supported. Now that I got that out there, lets dive into this week’s message. If you do not feel called to this message, that is totally fine, check out my other Manifestation Mondays and see if any of them call to you.

I understand that right now it is a very difficult climate to be in, and things are very stressful, but now is the time to be honest with yourself- are you actually allowing yourself to do your best to take care of yourself at this time? I ask this because the cards are saying that you are, truthfully, afraid. Do not get me wrong right now there are for sure reasons why things are scary and you are not alone, but you cannot use it as an excuse for the fears you are creating for yourself. I can see you wanting to do something but being afraid to take that first step and now using these external conditions as an excuse, when in reality the reasons you are afraid of moving forward are very much internal. One day these external fears will change, but you will remain the same because you are afraid of the growth. I know that you have big plans and you really want to see yourself succeed, so do not blame yourself- this is not what this is about. This is simply to bring to light the fact that unless you look into these fears, you will only be going around in circles.

You have a support system to go to, so talk to that group about what is holding you back. Why are you afraid? What do you feel you are lacking? Talk it out, but make sure the conversation is directed towards solving the issues and not just talking about them. What advice can they give you? What support? What have you learned yourself from this conversation? Plan things out and then get to work, and keep faith. If you believe in yourself, and I mean actually believe in yourself not just pretend to, the Universe will help you out. You will not be spoon-fed, if you want it, you have to not only go for it, but feel like you are ready for it with no doubt in your mind. Your truth will reflect in your actions- if you know you are ready to receive, you will receive. Do not rush it, do not doubt it. Know it is coming. Believe in yourself.

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