Home Blessings and Cleansing

Once you dive into energy work or any part of the occult, you will soon realize that a huge part of it is protecting your space. When you work on yourself, it is necessary to take down the wall you built up brick by brick to be able to allow healing to happen, but this does not mean you should leave yourself to be vulnerable. This is where the blessings and cleansing come in. Cleansing is the term we use for cleaning energy. If something is cleansed, the energy in and around it is pure and good, purified. To cleanse your home, you are cleaning the energy in the home to make it more positive and inviting. The blessing is to help protect the energy and keep it that way. Wards are also very good for this.

You may be wondering when it may be necessary to do either or. I always suggest you should bless your home after you cleanse it, since you would want to use the pure energy to help aid in the house blessing. Blessing and cleansing your home is always very important and I highly recommend you do so whenever you move into a new home, but it is even more important when you are working with the occult and are sensitive to energy. When you work with spirits or ancestors you may also find that there will be times when the energy around you gets heavy, not necessarily because they are negative, but it can be a lot. This can help you protect your space.

Speaking of protecting your space, it is highly frowned upon to ask others how they bless their homes. When you know how the blessing was done, you will find that it becomes easy to take the blessing apart and use it against them. In this case knowledge really is power, so it is important to keep your blessings close to you. If you want to ask people for help, you can ask them for advice, but do not expect them to give you a blessing written out and ready for you to use.

If you ever find yourself wondering if you should bless or cleanse your home, the answer is always yes. There is no harm in doing so. Even taking a bundle of herbs (that are safe to burn) and smoke cleansing your space is enough. Do some research to create your own blessings or cleanse in your own way, but if you are interested in using smoke I suggest trying these listed below. Before we start, do not smoke cleanse with the windows closed. One open window should be fine. Not only does it help circulate the smoke to avoid being smoked out of your own house, it gives the energy somewhere to go instead of bouncing off the walls.

Sage can be used for a very intense cleanse. However, the smell of sage is not everyone’s favorite, so if you are sensitive to the smell of weed I suggest you try something else.
Lemongrass is more gentle. Sage banishes all the energy leaving it feeling quite empty, while lemongrass can be uplifting and clean the energy around. This smell is also very sweet.
Rosemary is also a good herb for cleansing, and can bring in love and gentleness, while also energizing the place with its solar energy.
Basil Leaves can also be burned to attract positivity, and ward away negative energy. This can also help calm nerves if you are worrying a lot*.
Lavender is also a great option for when you want to settle down. If things are getting too chaotic in your life, Lavender can really step in and help calm you down*.

*- this is not medical advice. If you are suffering from poor mental health, do see a professional. Do not use this advice as a substitute for your medication. Also, if you have sensitive lungs, avoid using smoke. Talk to your doctor before using smoke to cleanse your house.

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