Manifestation Monday – REGENERATE AND HEAL || 04.06.2020-04.12.2020

Hello, everyone. I hope you are well. Normally Manifestation Monday is a reading I do weekly to help guide us in the right direction, but today Spirit is calling me to dedicate this reading towards self love. Right now, we are all going through something traumatic and stressful, so this reading is going to be aiding us in a way to help handle what is being thrown at us. Know that this reading is timeless, so come back to this if you feel called to do so. Stay safe.

Universe is calling for us to step aside and slow down. I know right now there is this mentality that if we are not grinding and working hard, then we are wasting time or lacking discipline. However, Universe is giving you permission to slow down. You should know that it is okay to slow down and take a step back from this grind. Try to find some sort of routine in your life. This routine should be stable and should also focus on you. Make sure that you are nurturing yourself and focusing on self growth. Work can be good for you, but if you are now neglecting your self-care then you are causing more damage than good. Adapt to the current circumstances, and watch yourself come to life. You deserve good things.

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