Warding 101 – Getting Started

Warding is very important, not just for those who dabble in the occult but for everyone. Warding can have many benefits. For those of you who are unaware of what warding is, or for those wondering where to get started, this blog is for you.

Firstly, what is Warding? Ward means to guard or protect, and in this case we are doing just that but with energy. When we are warding, we are protecting certain energies and blocking out or removing others. This means that warding can also be used as defense when working with unknown energies. When we talk warding, think of it like a fence. You can have a simple fence that will highlight where the boundaries are, but that does not do much for keeping energies in or out if they do not respect said boundaries. Taller fences can do a better job at this, but if they are not sturdy they can be knocked down. Is the fence able to be climbed over? You can replace the fence with ward, and it will mean the same thing.

Before diving in completely, it is important I speak on basic warding etiquette. Do not ever ask someone how they ward. You can ask how to get started, but do not ask how they create their wards. The reason for this is that if we know how wards are built, we can easily go around them or destroy them. Asking someone how they create their wards is like asking for a key to their front door.

So, how do you ward? I will be providing you with multiple methods for building wards. Feel free to mix and match, and feel free to explore your own methods.

Physical Wards can include nails in the door board, salt at the entrances, or other methods. It is important that while you build these wards you focus your intent on the action so that you truly are building up wards and not simply putting salt randomly. I also suggest cleansing these items.

Visual Wards are wards created through visualization, which can be imagined as a wall of light, or a wall of vines, or anything else of that sort. This is a very effective method, but can be difficult for those who struggle to visualize.

Sigils are also effective if you know how to use them properly. Creating sigils to place on your Wi-Fi router seems to be popular, but when your internet goes down, so do your wards so be careful.

Finally, Tarot Wards can be effective as well. Choosing a card with the energy you would like for your ward (for example, the Judgment can be used to ‘judge’ the good and bad energies and can decide what to let in.) This is great because it can be personalized to your liking, and it can also depend on the deck you are using.

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