Manifestation Monday – FINDING THE BALANCE || 03.30.20-04.05.20

Hello, I hope you are all well today. I am sending positive vibes your way if you choose to accept them. Now, meus queridos, I asked the Universe this week to aid us. Right now I have been experiencing a lot of messages coming in urging us to find a way to find balance between productivity and self-care. Some of us struggle to realize that some may require more attention to one than the other. Some of us can find ways to be productive, and would need ten minutes for self-care, oppose to others who may be taking this harder and may require more self-care. This reading is about finding that balance.

Alright, so the main message sticking out to me is to acknowledge when we are in need of care. What is hurting us right now? Without comparing your pain to others, what is bothering you? Is it the lack of communication? Is it an event that got cancelled or postponed? Is it a major change in schedule? Is it your health? Allow yourself to take the time to list all the things that are upsetting you. Now, this is the most important part, forgive yourself for being upset. Allow yourself to be upset. It is okay to be disappointed and scared. Buy suppressing these natural feelings, we are only going to make it harder on ourselves. Now once we do that, what will we do about it?

We must take care of how we are feeling and support ourselves. Acknowledge but do not dwell. Where you focus your energy the next few weeks are going to be what will last. Take care of yourself and work hard for yourself. Things are scary right now, but you are capable of surviving this. The environment is not against you, so do not go against the environment. Trust in divine timing.

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