Sigil for Success

This is a sigil used to attract success into your life. Not only am I providing you the sigil itself, I will be providing you with the way to activate them as well. Drawing the symbol is not enough- and the way this sigil was created, this is the way to activate it.

On a piece of paper, write down the area which you wish to experience success in. Then, describe what success looks like for you. Over the list, draw this symbol. Make sure you put your intent into the image and pour your energy into it. Once you do, take a moment to think about the outcome you want. Is this for something that is a one-time thing (a job interview) or long-term (career, project)? Fo a one-time thing, safely burn the paper in a bowl. For more long-term, bury it in dirt (I suggest you grab a bowl, place the folded paper inside, then put dirt in the bowl).

Take the time to thank the Universe and the energy present for the success as if it is already here.


Sigil for Success

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