A Message Of Comfort From The Universe

Hello, meus queridos. I hope that you are managing. This week there was no Manifestation Monday because the Universe was begging to have us rest. However, now I felt the need to pull some cards. This is a message of comfort, please come back to this if you need this.

Right now the environment around us is very chatoic, but this does not need to be a bad thing all the time. Now is the time to really change our mindset. The world is really scary right now, and the scariest part is how powerless we feel. While we should take the situation seriously, now is the time to really work on ourselves. If you are still called into work, think about how this is affecting you. Are you allowing yourself to take care of yourself? Are you being extra kind to yourself? For those who are called to work from home, or just stay home in general- how are you improving yourself? I am not saying you must better yourself 24/7, but give yourself an hour a day to focus on your growth. Right now everything is up in the air, and in this chaos you can create. Take this opportunity before everything settles.

Be safe while watering your seed of growth.

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