Manifestation Monday – THINK POSITIVE || 03.16.20-03.22.20

Bom dia, I hope you are all well. I am sending happiness, health, and positivity your way if you choose to receive it. I know the current climate is very heavy, and as much as I would love to do a fun and lighthearted reading this week, I felt it was important to focus on what the Universe wants us to know about how we should handle things. Manifestation Monday is a timeless reading that focuses on how we can handle the external and internal energies to make the most of the situation around us for the weeks ahead. If this reading does not resonate with you as of this moment, it is fine! Feel free to check out the other Manifestation Monday readings I have on the blog!

Everything around us is so chaotic, messy, and at times scary. What scares us the most is that we are unsure of what is actually happening around us- and the uncertainty is what is causing is to get nervous. This environment is causing our nasty side to pop out, and we hate it. We hate seeing ourselves act on such a low level, but the worst thing to do is ignore it. Now is the time to learn from ourselves. Shadow work is being called for at this time because that is the one way we can really work on ourselves. If we ignore our shadow side and simply try to emphasize the light, we begin to live a lie and it gets tiring and draining. Trust me, the discomfort from shadow work is worth the reward.

However, we are called to do so in a way where we are not angry or disappointed in ourselves. The environment right now is already heavy, so do not make things heavier for yourself. Know that your mental state throughout all of this is having a major affect. I will not pretend like it is easy to be hopeful and optimistic at this time, but once you find yourself in a better mindset, you will see positive changes in your life. I am not saying ignore the bad, but view it in a better light. Instead of worrying how everything affects you negatively, think of the good that can come out of it. It may seem hard to find, but I promise it is there.

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