What Is Shadow Work?

I have been talking a lot about the importance of shadow work, but I never really got to talk about what exactly Shadow Work is, but also the importance of it. Before I begin, I would like to make it very clear that shadow work is for everybody and is not limited to those who consider themselves to be psychics, empaths, light workers, or anything of the sort. However, I do recommend you are above 18+ because it can get quite heavy at times.

Firstly, what is shadow work? first, let us break it down. A shadow is what is casted behind an object when a light shines onto it, this would mean that our Shadow Self is the darkness casted behind the light. A key work is behind, because our shadow self tends to be in our subconscious meaning we do not see it clearly, as if it is right behind us. Have you ever tried to look at your own back in a mirror? Your neck may get uncomfortable, or you use your phone camera to see if you can catch a glimpse, but either way it is difficult. Also, you do not know your back as well as you would know your hands, because you do not see your back often.

This would mean that the shadow part in shadow work is that dark side of us that we do not really get to know, or want to avoid. Now, what is the work portion of it? This means to improve or ‘work on’. It also can represent effort, as in “this was a lot of work.” This all makes sense because Shadow Work is not easy; however, it is completely worth it. Together, it means that it is working on our darker self.

Shadow Work can be done in many ways, but not all of them are fun. The less fun it is to do, however, the more rewarding it is. Here, I will begin to talk about ways I like to do shadow work.

Journaling can be a beneficial tool for shadow work, especially if you do so thoughtlessly. I suggest you set a timer for five minutes and force yourself to write whatever comes into your mind. Write about your day and your thoughts and refuse to allow yourself to hold back. Allow yourself to get personal and dark if needed, and then reread it. What are your thoughts? Where did it come from? How can you improve? Keep doing this every day. Sometimes you may begin to get uncomfortable, but it is important for growth.

I also like to use my tarot and oracle cards for shadow work as well. Basically, I sit and take the time to ask my deck what I am ignoring in relation to myself (habits, thoughts, feelings, etc.) as well as how to tackle the issue. After I pull the cards, I like to take a moment and meditate on the information at hand and allow it to really sink in. If you are uncomfortable with meditation, you can always skip this part.

If you would like help getting started, I would also recommend looking through my Shadow Work Collection. The reason I suggest this is because the readings available can help you find a please to start as well as offer you the tools to keep going yourself. However, the reading is only half of it. The reading may provide you insight and information shadow work provides, but the most important part of shadow work is to take the information and improve yourself.

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