Solar Returns – Four Ways To Make The Most Of It

Solar Returns, or birthdays, are like our own personal New Years. Many of us wake up and get excited for the year to come, and some of us just do not want to think of how many have passed. However, have you ever taken the time to think about the significance of your birthday? A Solar Return is when the sun returns to the same degree it was in when you were born. This causes a perfect aspect with the sun and your natal sun. To avoid getting off track, I am here to talk about things to do on your Solar Return which can help you feel more in control for the year ahead.

Reflection || While preparing for the next year, it is important to consider what it means for you. what have you done in the past year? What mistakes have you made? It is important to think of the lessons you have learned prior because if you do not, you will find yourself in the same cycle each time. Now is also the time to be thankful of the opportunities you have had. Did you move away? Get a new job opportunity? By showing appreciation, you are telling the universe more of what you like to see. Think of the universe like an algorithm, if you focus on the bad things, the universe will think that is what interests you. by focusing on the positive, that is what you attract. This does not mean to ignore all the negative, or pretend it does not exist. This is taking the negative and learning and growing from it.

Prepare || The year ahead will consist of many more mistakes and opportunities, but what is the direction you wish to go? Now is the time to set a goal for yourself for the next year ahead. By the next return, where do you want to see yourself? Now, make the goal smaller to help you get there. Let’s say by next year I want to open an apothecary (which is in the works, but not within the year!) This is an amazing goal for me, but I cannot open an apothecary over night. I break my goal into smaller goals. First, I will research the laws in my ares, then I will research sources for the herbs, then I will research their meanings and correspondences, as well as how they react together. Then, my goal is to create product ideas, then find a way to brand it. Finally, I will open my apothecary, with all my homework done as well as some products I believe in. This may not take a year, but if I follow the smaller goals I will be much closer to that bigger goal in a year than I am today.

Cleanse|| The previous year served it’s purpose, and is very helpful in our growth, but by holding onto the energies of the past, we can find ourselves becoming stagnant. A way I like to cleanse myself of this old energy to make room for the new ones making their way towards me is through prayer, meditation, or energy healing (which, within the last year, I have became an official energy healer and Reiki Master). This experience can cause a spiritual detox which can lead to release of emotion. Now is a perfect time for self-care!

Enjoy Yourself || Allow yourself to have fun. Do not stress, enjoy your day. Today is not the day for fighting or arguing or stressing. Enjoy yourself. There is not much to expand on here, but I do want to mention that enjoying yourself does not need to be expensive. It can be having friends over and playing board games, or going out to the park, the movies. It is your day, enjoy it!

What do you like to do on your Solar Return? Let me know in the comments below!

Photo by Patrick Selin on Unsplash

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