Manifestation Monday – THINGS ARE BETTER THAN THEY LOOK || 03.02.20-03.08.20

Bom dia meus queridos, I hope all is well today and that the previous week treated you well. I am sending you blessings if you wish to receive! I have taken the time to meditate and work with every card I have pulled for this reading and let me just say that this reading is going to be pretty intense. I am reminding you that I am simply alerting you of the energy surrounding this week, if used properly, it will not be that bad. Manifestation Monday is a timeless reading that takes the energy of the week ahead and figures out how to use the energy for the highest and greatest good. If this reading does not resonate with you, maybe check out over here to see if there is a reading there for you to receive!

The past few weeks have rattled you up and is causing you to become more hesitant with moving forward. This can cause you problems, because by refusing to move forward, you can never expect to leave the current storm you are in. You are afraid to move forward because you are afraid of the pain that it can cause you, but I am here to remind you of how strong and capable you are. A big issue I am noticing is that a lot of us struggle to ask for help- we feel that we need to do everything ourselves. While it is good to learn to help yourself, sometimes we do not always have the tools we need in order to do so. Asking for help does not make you weak.

There is so much ahead for us and it will become a wild adventure if we choose to accept it. As scared as we are I urge you to take that leap of faith because the cards are promising that, if done correctly, you can be welcoming in great potential into your life. This can only happen if we leave that storm I was talking about earlier. by doing so, we can really bring back light and life into our lives, and by doing so, we can prepare better for the next storm without dreading over it. We are strong, capable, and can expect good things, but only if we work for it. Feel like you are struggling? Ask for help- there are people who want to help you and see you succeed.

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