Are You Who I Am Looking For?

Back in November, I have written about my reading style and how I provide my services in a log post called Why I Do What I Do. This post does a good job at illustrating me as a reader, but now is the time to ask a very important question: How do YOU know I am right for you? Even if you feel my reading style is something you are interested in, how can we be sure you are a good match for my services over someone else’s? That is what today’s post is all about. I will be going through what my ideal client is- and if you fit the description, I will also help point you in the direction of where to get started.

Firstly, are you somebody who really wishes to take matters into their own hands? Someone who is seeking my services not so they can be impressed with a guessing game, but for insight on a situation and guidance in how to act for their highest and greatest good? Are you somebody who is not asking me to fix the problems for them, but to offer them the tools to fix it themselves, and to maintain?

Secondly, are you someone who is genuinely looking for advice or guidance to improve their lives? They also need to be aware that the changes they are looking for may not always happen overnight, but by following the guidance, they can guarantee the solution is permanent, and not temporary.

Finally, are you somebody who believes in themselves, or would like the help to get to that point? Are you the type of person who is not waiting for a hero to come and save you, and wants to save yourself?

If the above describes you, then know I am very happy to serve you! Now you are probably wondering where to start. You can message me on my social media or email me at for a free consultation. Simply say hello, describe your situation, and ask which service may suit you best.

However, if you want to explore your options in my shop on your own, I will briefly describe the different collections, so you know where to start looking.

The Planetary Collection is about the energetic forces the planets around us have. By taking the energy the planets represent, I give guidance and support. If you are looking for support, this collection is for you.

The Universal Collection is all about guidance for your spirit and mind. I ask the universe for the advice you need to succeed, by making sure you are in the proper mindset to accept success into your life. If you are looking for guidance, this is for you.

The Shadow Collection dives deep down. Here we work on the parts of you that you would probably like to keep hidden. If you are interested in healing, then this collection is for you.

Photo by Katherine Hanlon on Unsplash

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