Manifestation Monday – STOP DWELLING AND GET MOVING || 02.24.20-03.01.20

Bom dia meus queridos, I hope you are all well this fine Monday! I have been looking at the cards for this week for a bit, and I can say that this week is the beginning of something major for all of us and not all of it will be pleasant. I am not saying this to scare you, because you should not be scared! This reading is meant to help aid and guide you through this time. As always, this reading is timeless, so please do come back to this when you feel called to.

Right now, we are surrounded by abundance but some people believe that abundance is always a good thing- it is not. Abundance simply means a surplus, and this can be good or bad. We can have an abundance of success, love, support, but also sickness, obstacles, struggle, and so on. This is difficult for us because we are so us to focusing on the negative and allowing it to consume our thoughts. There is a balance of good and bad, and it is an overwhelming feeling (thus a feeling of abundance) but we are so focused on the negative.

We are too busy feeling like the universe is against us, that we cannot see the blessings we are being given. Our limits are being tested and when things begin to fall apart, it is the universe telling us that we need to make our foundation stronger. With the previous foundation removed, we have the ability to start again, but with more knowledge. The worst mistake you can make right now is refuse to learn. What you need to learn right now will reveal itself with self-reflection. Take the time to journal and take note of your thought patterns. Are you consistently thinking negatively about yourself and others? Are you finding yourself jealous of other people and their success? Do you crave more support?

It is not the end of the world because things are getting hard. Think more of yourself.

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