Protect What Is Yours – Hexes and Bindings against the Evil Eye

We are always told that hard work pays off. If we are unhappy with the result, we need to try harder. This is great advice, but it is not flawless. Sometimes, we can do everything we can but still fall down. This is not our fault, and tying harder can do more harm than good. Before you push yourself too far, ask yourself why you want it so badly. If it is something you genuinely want, and have been working towards but the progress is getting slower if not simply disappearing, chances are that there is someone actively working against you.

That one coworker who doesn’t seem to stop glaring at you when you get appraisal for doing your job well, or is constantly competing with you to get that promotion you want? How about the friend who seems to not get excited for you when you succeed, and constantly compares it to their success or makes it about them? These can contribute to the struggle you are facing, and the Evil Eye is a very powerful blockage. This post is dedicated to fighting off this negative energy, as well as how to fight back.

First it is important that I explain what a hex is, as well as bindings. A hex is similar to a curse, but less intense. Typically hexes have a set purpose, and is strictly to the individual. This inflicts punishment for a certain action, and can be used so that every time the individual does the poor action with the poor intent, said punishment occurs. An example is if someone is talking bad about you in hope to tarnish your name, the punishment can be they stub their toe. Enough to cause inconvenience. Subconsciously they will want to stop talking bad about you because their brain has been conditioned that said action means a stubbed toe.

A binding is more for protection. There is no punishment attached, simply that their actions cannot be accomplished as easily. With the same example, the difference is whenever they try to talk about you, either people start praising you and that keeps them quiet, or they lose their thoughts and words get messed up. See the difference?

What I am about to share with you is something that is meant for you to customize. However, you NEED these essentials. I will tell you what can be substituted and for what as well as why.

  • A pocket Mirror (cannot be substituted, must be one you do not plan on using again)
  • A sharpie pen of your choice in colour
  • Tea Light Candle(s) one for each area in your life you wish to protect
  • String (yarn is also acceptable, try to stick with black or gold)

First, measure out the string with the pocket mirror. It should be able to wrap around it four times. Once you have measured it, feel free to cut the string and prepare it for this session. I also highly suggest you get yourself in a calm mind so you can focus. This is not suppose to be an offensive spell, but protective, so channel that anger into determination and confidence.

First, take the sharpie and write down the areas in your life you wish to protect. While you do so, think about it. What are your goals? What is your version of success? I also suggest drawing a heart in the center. Once you are finished, stand the mirror upwards so that the candles are in the reflection. Light them one at a time while focusing on each area of life, focus on one area per candle. Now, demand to the Universe your will, to be protected. State that their ill intentions will bounce off the mirror and back to them. Leave the candles burning for 33 minutes, then snuff out the flame. Take the string and wrap it around the mirror three times saying “This is my Will” every time the mirror is wrapped. Then, tie it together and knot it three times saying “For my Highest and Greatest good, and then some.

I suggest you bless the mirror, or anoint the string with oils, or find another way to make this your own. This is important.

Protect your energy, my loves.

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