Manifestation Monday – LOVE YOURSELF #444 || The Week of 02.10.20-02.17.20

Good morning, bom dia meus queridos. I hope all of you are well. Last night was the Leo Full Moon and this Friday is Valentines Day. Due to this, I felt called to make this weekly reading focus more on self-love and how we can embrace self love but also self acceptance. As always, this reading is completely timeless, so if you do not feel called to this message right now, it may be meant for you later on, so check out my other Manifestation Monday readings when you have the chance, and feel called to do so.

My beloveds, understand that we are all a work in progress. Now is not the time to be worrying if we are falling behind. I am sure that you have heard that it is not a race but a marathon so many times, but this message rings true for so many reasons. By saying we are a work in progress, however, is not saying we are incomplete. These are not synonyms. We are whole, but continuously evolving. When we look at a caterpillar, we think of the potential it has as a butterfly, but we do not judge it harshly for not being there yet. Why be like that with ourselves?

We need balance in our lives. We are in such a rush to finish the imaginary race in our minds we do not take time to be kind to ourselves. When was the last time you did something for yourself without feeling guilty that you were “wasting time”? Get out of that mindset. This is not to say to stop working and strictly do self-care. There needs to be a balance. This balance is also having to do with giving and receiving. You must allow yourself to receive thanks and gratitude, and not be the one giving it all the time. always be thankful, but surround yourself with people who are as thankful to have you in their life as you are thankful for them.

I can see baths being in the cards. Soaking in water with a bath bomb or a bubble bath can be very beneficial. Allowing yourself to relax without worrying what will need to happen after is a great way to take care of yourself. After the bath you can shower and properly clean yourself. Maybe after you can watch a movie or eat some fresh fruit (combining both is phenomenal- a movie with a fruit salad? Amazing.)

Either way, it is important to acknowledge that even though life is difficult, and stressful, that does not mean you can neglect self-care. Take care of yourself in all areas of life – physical, emotional, mental, and your spirit. Have faith in yourself. I would say have faith in the greater plan set by the Universe or a god or anything of the sort, but that plan means nothing if you cannot trust yourself to carry it out. Not everything happens for a reason but it is up to us to give it a reason. We cannot control what happens to us, but take care of yourself anyways. When things get harder, the more important self care is, not less important.

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