Manifestation Monday – BELIEVE IN YOURSELF || 03.02.2020-02.09.2020

Hello, my darlings, bom dia. I hope all is well, and that things are not going too out if hand on your end. The energy for this week feels really stressful and heavy, and I really debated if I should do Manifestation Monday this week. However, I was guided to do so because I feel many of us need to hear the message that the Universe has in store. Please note that even though I am providing this reading today, this message is timeless so come back to it when you feel the need to.

Also, in advance, I feel called to let you know that things will be okay. As hard as things are right now, things will be okay. This chaos is clearing the way to make room for better. Take your time and trust the process. It may be hard, but you will not be alone. Alright, now let’s get into the reading.

Right now, the energy is heavy and clouded and this can lead to a lot of confusion. This is absolutely poor timing because right now we are in the middle of making a decision that is, quite frankly, very scary to make. There is uncertainty and discomfort in that, and it is causing us to be blinded and held back by fear. We are hearing information, but not seeing it with our eyes. We must check our sources and figure out the best way to verify the information getting to us. It may be scary, but by facing the situation with a full grasp of what is going on can made it easier. Of course, it is going to be difficult, but not impossible.

You are capable of doing anything you set your mind to, and while this holds up to be true, that does not mean to just dive in. Take this time to prepare. Like I said above now is the time to gather the information needed to succeed. It is daunting and stressful but absolutely necessary. Prepare yourself for success and know that success IS out there, but by preparing you will find it a lot easier. Now, however, is more a time of reflecting on what you did before and how to improve. The path ahead of you is too foggy to proceed right now. Look behind you, and see what you forgot. Once you collect everything that you accidentally left behind, you will see the fog has lifted just in time. This is not a setback but a blessing no matter how hard it is to see.

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