Imbolc Preparations

There is an importance to honoring the natural cycle of the earth. We are beings a part of nature, so it makes sense that we should be connected to the cycles. This upcoming weekend marks Imbolc, which is a holiday which celebrates Spring coming. Even if you do not follow the Wheel of the Year, there is still an importance in understanding Earth’s natural cycle.

Imbolc is a time of preparing for rebirth. Winter is almost at an end and we are welcoming spring with open arms. The last section in the wheel was in the midst of winter, and focused on the fact that there is now a lack of sun and the nights are longer and colder. What does this mean for you?

The sun is a very masculine energy- which means it can be assertive and active. Solar energy is not passive like the lunar energy. This does not make one more powerful or useful than the other. This is the balance. So, when there is a lack of this dominant energy we can see a lot of us slowing down and lacking motivation. As spring approaches (the solar energy becomes more present) we begin to get more done. Winter was a time of rest, focusing on the self, and preparing for longer changes that we cannot do on a whim. This is why we see many people in the middle of winter start to create resolutions. However, because of the lack of solar energy it can be difficult to get started on said resolutions.

Now the sun is returning to us and this calls for celebration! This time of year, we are in the preparation stages. What are we preparing for? Spring to officially begin! Now is the ideal time, because we have been waiting in this lunar energy and are now getting a boost from the solar energies. Think of it this way- our goals are like seeds, when we plant them, that is lunar energy. Lunar energy is nurturing and aids in growth, but the solar energy is what is pushing the seed along to sprout and keep it going. If our seed gets no sunlight, the sprout will die. Now is the time to plant our seeds, because now we have the solar energy’s presence to help us along.

So, you may be thinking how we can begin preparing. Here are a few examples:

Purification: Blessing your space and self
Meditate: This is more tied to Lunar energy, but also ties into purification. By meditating, you are clearing your mind. Focus on what you need in your life and what to say goodbye to. Spring cleaning for the soul!
Journaling: This can be beneficial for a multitude of reasons. Journaling your dreams, your day to day, or both can be helpful.
Art: Any form of art can be beneficial. Writing, singing, drawing, sculpting, and so on.
Dream Boards: This is the ultimate form of combining both solar and lunar energy. This is the act of planting that seed you wish to manifest.

Also, since we are preparing for the sun, it is common to light candles in the sun’s honor. This is not necessary, but to those who celebrate Imbolc this is a quick and easy thing to do. Stick with golds and white candles. Feel free to leave it burning for three hours ATTENDED.

Photo by Federico Lancellotti on Unsplash

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