Manifestation Monday – YOU ARE ENOUGH || 01.27.2020-02.02.2020

Hello, meus queridos! I hope you are well! Last week was heavy, but we cannot allow that heavy energy to hold us down! This week’s reading will focus more on lifting ourselves up and removing what is holding us down- very fitting for the upcoming Sabbat here in the northern hemisphere – Imbolc.

However, this reading, as always, will be timeless. If you do not feel called to it right now, okay I see you. It’s fine. Feel free to come back to it when you feel called to.

My loves, you are holding yourself back. You are so vibrant and energizing, but you are being made to second guess yourself and your purpose here. This can be as deep as “what is the meaning of life” or “What am I suppose to do right now?” You draining yourself of color to fit in is doing more harm than good. You know this, though. You are worried that who you are is not enough or may be too much but there is so much beauty with who you are. Instead of contemplating if you are welcomed or not, think about how much happier you will be when you are able to be yourself apologetically. We ask ourselves why we are being held back but in reality, we are holding ourselves back.

There may be many reasons you have to hold yourself back, and a lot of it can be due to toxicity in your life from others. Universe begs you to accept yourself for who you are. By doing so, it becomes easier to see where we need to go next. However, acceptance does not end there Accept that there are people who are not for you, and people that are not meant to stay. Sometime people are meant to grow apart and are meant to teach you a lesson- even if that message is that you do not want to end up like them.

Please be gentle with yourself. You have gone through so much but inside you is a spark of fire that is so pure and genuine, that cannot die out. Universe tells you to nurture the flame and watch it grow. Even if it may die down at times, it will never go out. Find some comfort in that.

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