Patience in Manifestation

Sometimes, we want something and want it now. We do our spell, set our intention, and we get so excited because we know that what you are manifesting is coming. However, a week or so goes by and still no result. You begin to get frustrated and angry and just wish this stupid thing will happen already! Before you get frustrated and start cursing at the universe for not giving you what you want, or trying again, think about what you are trying to manifest and why it may be taking a longer time than usual.

When an egg is in incubation, allowing a little chick to form, it does not happen overnight. If you force the egg to crack prior to it being ready, you can really damage what is forming inside, not allowing it to grow anymore. This can be the same thing for what you are trying to manifest. Sometimes, things need time to form. If you force it, you can risk receiving nothing but an empty shell.

Another reason that you may not be seeing the results you need is simply timing and environment. When you take a seed and plant it during the wrong season, the seed will not grow easily if at all. Planting it at the wrong time or during the wrong conditions, you risk damaging the seed making it impossible to plant the same seed again. You would need to wait for the right time to plant the seeds. You manifesting is not you planting the seed, but is you preparing to plant the seed. You not seeing results is the universe saying “Wait, Prepare, Come Back Later.” Universe does not want you to waste your seeds, now is the time to save it for later and do what you can in the NOW to prepare for that.

Speaking of preparing, sometimes we are thinking too many steps ahead, and need to catch up. You can manifest a huge house, but if you cannot keep up with the bills you will lose it. Another example would be if you are manifesting a job, but are not going out and applying for them, you can see how a job may struggle to fall into your lap. Manifesting is not all about doing nothing and telling the Universe, Spirit, your god(s), or other entities to do the work for you. Prepare, show initiative, and things will come easier.

In terms of manifesting, where do you struggle? I personally struggle with patience, but I always remind myself it is for the best.

Photo by Iva Rajović on Unsplash

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