Manifestation Monday || GROWING PAINS CAN BE GOOD || 01.20.20-01.26.20

Hello, bom dia! I hope you are well! As always, I am sending you good vibes – love and healing – of you choose to accept it. Today I felt called to pull up the Astrology Chart as well as some cards, so this will be fun for me as well! Also, today is the beginning of Aquarius Season, so that reading will be up soon as well! As always, know that even though I am looking at the chart of the moment, this message is timeless so feel free to come back to this when you feel called.

There is a lot of discomfort occurring, and I feel that it will have something to do with a decision coming up. There is a high level of uncertainty, with the way that instability is causing our methods of planning and communicating. I get the sense of struggling to say the right thing at the right time. This negative aspect may be ending soon, but there will be a lasting affect.

This lasting affect does not need to be negative! This uncertainty that is occurring right now is a blessing in disguise, no matter how good the disguise is in your current life. This is not meant to destroy you, only stall you. This gives you the ability to look at things a different way.

You are getting too comfortable, there is no growth. This is holding you down, and Universe is trying to shake things up a bit so that way you are not staying where you are. When a plant grows too big, you need to change the pot. This is universe doing that. It is uncomfortable and messy but incredibly worth it.

We do not see that yet, though. We are blinded with fear of getting hurt and losing everything that we are actually risking outselves in the process. It is so important that in this time of unpredictability and uncomfortable growth, we hold on to hope and faith. Find a way to make it easier to handle without giving up. We are about to better ourselves for the better, and this transformation will not be easy.

But it will be so worth it.

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