Manifestation Monday – BREAK FREE || 01.13.20-01.19.20

Hello, bom dia! I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday! I am sending out positive and loving vibes your way, I wish you choose to receive them. Last week was difficult for us, and that heavy energy may still linger a bit, but the worst of it has passed for now. This reading will be timeless, so even if it is way past the post date, if you feel called to receive this message, go for it! This week I am using my tarot cards and intuition.

The world around us is getting very chaotic, and the Universe wants to let you know that they are proud of you. Things are not easy, but you must persevere. You are going to be held back and people you may have once relied on to help and support you are turning an eye away, leaving you feeling alone and powerless. You need to learn to remove some of the discomforts. It is okay to be uncomfortable, it is not a death sentence. However, as frustrating as it can be, you cannot allow it to consume you.

People can be use to going to you for help and support, but they leave a mess behind. They ask you to help support them, but sometimes that can mean they are not doing the work needed. You are dangerously close to following those footsteps, ad that is not you being deceitful or lazy, but tired and drained. It would be so much easier if someone took the weight off your shoulders, but you need to give that weight a reason in your life, to improve. Your actions will be rewarded for pushing through, do not let this destroy you. You are more powerful than the forces that seem against you.

Side Note: It is one thing to ride the waves, and to allow yourself to be carried off and drowned by them. Balance is needed.

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