Importance of Quiet and Slowing Down

Today, it seems like everyone is busy. If you are not doing something productive, you are wasting your time. We refuse to be seen as lazy or unmotivated, and we are going through this mentality of “if I am not doing something, I should be.” This can be quite damaging. When you are consistently working, there can be a lot of issues that pop up and today I will be talking about why it is important to slow down and be quiet with yourself.

The reason I am focusing on quiet is because even if you are not physically working, your mind may be racing with ideas and ways to improve on the current project. When I speak of quiet, I mean quieting that as well. Allowing yourself to actually do nothing. With your mind consistently going, it is easy to experience fatigue, so slow down.

The importance of slowing down is that it allows you to collect your thoughts. When you stop and look back, you can collect the information that you may have forgotten along the way. This can be you brushing up on basics, or rethinking a project. By slowing down you can also allow yourself to properly take care of yourself, meaning you will see an increase in health – physical, mental, and emotional depending on where you direct your energy. Overall, once you slow down and allow yourself to be collected, you will find productivity will raise.

Ways to utilize the quiet would be to write out all the noise. Letting it out without thinking about it is the best way to release that energy. I also suggest meditating and art (visual, or otherwise). Quiet does not have to mean silence, which I think people have a issue understanding. Things are not going to be silent, but as long as it is not loud, you can find benefit. Cleansing and rest in general can be beneficial. Reading for joy, watching a film that you can just leave on without having to follow a difficult plot, listening to music, putting in time for yourself to rest is enough.

Once you take care of yourself, you can reintroduce yourself to the projects at hand with a new set of eyes. What are you missing? What did you realize you could have worked harder on? Now is the time to act, and see the difference made.

Overall, take the time to take care of yourself. When you take care of yourself, you will find an increase of productivity in your work. This can mainly be found in the quiet. Slow down, and rest. Do not worry about how much work you got done today. If you are consistently sprinting, you will not go far for long. It is a marathon, not a race. Slow down and keep a momentum you can handle. Growth does not happen over night.

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