Manifestation Monday – NOT EVERYTHING IS BAD || 01.06.20-01.12.20

Hello, bom dia! I hope you are feeling well this week. I am sending you positive and loving energy your way if you choose to receive them. Manifestation Monday is a reading I will try to be doing weekly. I use to post these strictly to my Facebook Page, but I have decided for 2020, I will be keeping Manifestation Monday here on my blog.

Manifestation Monday is a reading in which I take a look at the energy around us and discuss what can be used for our best interest to make us grow to be the best we can be at the given time. This reading I used my tarot deck.

Decisions, decisions. This is really giving us a hard time. In life we always are making choices, some subconsciously and some not. The decisions that are important, however, are what can really frustrate us. Given the current climate, it is expected that any and all actions in the dark will receive consequences. If the consequences are good or bad will depend on the action itself. Hard work towards a positive outcome for positive reasons will receive positive consequences. Anything done will ill intentions will receive the ill consequences it deserves. However, you know this. You know that these ill actions will have bad consequences attached. However, many of us are afraid.

We are afraid to see what is actually happening. We are afraid of the truth because the truth may pop the safety bubble we have created in our lives. A solution is possible, and is there, but we have to make these hard decisions with all the information present, even the one we turn a blind eye to. By blocking out he information we do not want to acknowledge, we can experience betrayal and stress. This is leading us to a dark path of anxiety, stress, and sadness. We will begin to feel like our power is taken away from us but that is, in fact, another lie we will tell ourselves to feel like the issue is not you fault. Even if it is not our fault, we have a responsibility to act. If we do not like the current position we are in, we must act. By acting, we can find the motivation to get out of the slump we are in.

in 2020, we are not holding back. Take the time to analyze all of the information, then do something.

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