How To Know Your Energy Needs Maintenance

As we become more sensitive to the energies around us and within us, we may begin to experience discomfort. The reason for this is that when you put a lot of energy into other people or situations, you will eventually drain yourself if you do not keep up with maintenance. You may be thinking “Maintenance? That sounds like a lot of work!” That is not the case! Not only can maintenance be fun, but it is also extremely important.

When we work with energy, some people seem to forget we do not have an unlimited supply. Think of energy like gas for a car (or a battery life if you got an electric car). You have a certain limit that can take you so far, but eventually you need to refill. This is the same with energy. Not only will certain activities affect our energy, but certain environments will as well. When our energy is affected negatively, it can really affect our entire being (like putting the wrong fuel in a car). I will talk about ways you can find out your energy needs maintenance (a cleanse, meditation, or even grounding.)


When you start feeling drained and experiencing fatigue, it is possible that the energy is affecting you on a physical level. I am talking about this one first because it is quite easy to determine if it is your energy needing maintenance, or if there is a more mundane issue at hand. However, physical health can go hand in hand with our energetic health. When we take care of ourselves to the best we can, it can also help keep our energy healthy as well. This does not mean you need to be the embodiment of health, you just need to do your best.


When things are off mentally, this can get a tad more complicated. Signs of this happening is when life starts getting more anxious and mentally exhausting. Also, you may find that decision making will feel impossible. Journaling and focusing on yourself can really help. Also, it is recommended to take a step back from any activity which can be causing stress until you are able to get back to it with a better mindset. If it is not possible to do so, at least acknowledge it. Taking care of your mental health is just as important as physical health. When things are off, things can feel off energetically as well. Be aware and take care of yourself.


Emotionally, when your energy is off, you will feel overwhelmed by everything and just emotionally exhausted. It is important to find out if there are other factors that can be playing into this, and work on them. Finding an outlet to handle your emotions (diary comes to mind, but if you are not into writing in that way maybe read poetry, or draw!) is extremely important, not just for your energy but your well-being in general.


There are many reasons your energy may lower or become ‘tainted’, but every single reason is fixable without paying a bunch of money (so don’t get scammed!). By being aware of your situation (who you are with, where you are at, what you are doing, and what is in the background) you can slowly begin to realize what the cause is.

If hanging around or talking to a certain someone consistently brings your mood down, chances are this can affect your energy level. Also someone who is at a lower vibration than you can risk pulling you down to their level (consistent gossiping, poor outlook on life, consistently speaking poorly and putting that negativity out there.) By being aware of who you surround yourself with, you can focus on protecting your energy. Even if you are uncomfortable cutting them off, I suggest at LEAST cleansing yourself and grounding yourself before and after being with said individual.

Some places that hold a lot of heavy residue energy can also affect your energy level. By paying attention to the vibe of the room or area when you enter, you can detect how staying in that room for a long period of time can affect you. This can also lead you to feeling antsy and wanting to leave despite the timing not being ideal. Listen to your body, it will guide you. If this is a place you have no choice but to go to (your house after certain guest came in and tainted the energy or after a very stressful situation happened for example) cleanse the space and protect yourself.

Finally, activities that can affect your energy levels can be intense gatherings, meetings, or anything with a lot of weight. Also, on a different side of the coin, activities like spell casting, divination, and spirit work can also be very draining and can affect your energy. It is important to take note of your energy before, during, and after these activities and know your limits. If you are unable to stop in the middle of the activity, find a way to help constantly keep your energy at a proper level and maybe even bring in some crystals to lean on for energy when you feel you are running low.

I really hope this post helped you, what are things you wish to know about? Let me know in the comments!

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