Tarot Magic(k) and How It Works

Tarot has a strong energy within it, and each card represents something different love, heartache, success, family, stress, anxiety, and so on. You can tell that depending on the card pulled, the energy in the room just shifts- to a lighter or darker atmosphere depending on what is pulled. While each card already has a correspondence, I figured it would be irresponsible of me not to explore this further.

Within this blog post, I am going to mention Five Ways I use tarot cards in my magic. Every single one of these ways are going to be very low-cost! You will need a printer and paper to print out the tarot card images (The Rider-Waite images are free to use, so print them on regular paper!)

Spread Magic(k)

So for this, I create a tarot spread for the situation I want a little magic in. Now, instead of giving myself a reading using this spread and shuffling my cards, I am going to lay the cards I would want in the reading. Cards that would signify my success. Now, give the reading as you normally would (I have a post about how to read for yourself here). Take your time with the reading. Act as if this reading is describing how things currently are. This is how you manifest. You just got to believe it and get excited for it.

Fire Magic(k)

Fire magic as fast acting, and fun to do (safely) if done right. I print out the image of the card I want. For this example, I want abundance my way. So, I print out the image of the Ten of Pentacles, place it in a fire-safe container, and set it on fire. If it burns all the way through, then your spell sill succeed quickly! If not, however, there is some resistance? Where?

Tear It Up

This is a good banishing spell. It works for aspects in your life you want gone, and people. Note that this spell may also work as a way to make situations more bearable. You take the card that represents the situation or person best and really focus on it. Put all your anger, sadness, hurt, every negative emotion into this card. Now, shred it. Rip it into teeny tiny pieces. Now, Put it in an ice tray and freeze it. Take the ice out and leave it on the grass or patio. Once the ice melts, you should see a significant and beneficial change in the situation.

Affirmation Work

The way affirmations work is that the more we are exposed to them, the stronger the effect. I did a post about this here. So the way this works is to have this card image everywhere. Leave it on your mirror, make it your phone wallpaper, anything. The first while when you see it, you will remember your goal and it is important to view the goal as something you are excited about as well as something you are willing to actively work towards. Eventually, your mind will do all the work subconsciously. Just work toward your goal knowing that you got some magical influence on your side.


Now, you can also use the card image as a talisman. A Talisman is a object which has a magical property to it, normally used to banish bad luck and bring in good luck. The way this works is that you would use the energy of the image as the magic, and the image itself is the talisman. A good example would be to place an image of the 10 of pentacles into your wallet to attract fortune, or the Ace of Pentacles on your person for your next job interview.

This is not the only way to use tarot cards in your craft! However, I felt this is a good way to get your mind thinking. What are your thoughts? Let me know below!

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