Manifestation Monday – HAVE PATIENCE || 12.09.19-12.15.19

Hello, happy Monday! I hope that you are well. Normally I would write this exclusively onto my Facebook but I felt it was a good idea to place this here as well. This is the last month of the decade, and that holds a lot of weight. This is why today’s reading I want to focus on how we can start preparing for the new decade.

I should mention what Manifestation Monday is. Manifestation Monday is a weekly reading that focuses on the internal energies and how external forces may affect it. We look at this information and figure out how to use it in order to elevate ourselves for our highest and greatest good. This reading is timeless, so feel free to come back whenever you feel called to do so!

Let me just say that the main vibe of this reading is fear. Many of us seem to be afraid of what is going to happen next. What will the ’20s hold for us? Many are looking to find a stable comfort zone so that way when things get too scary, we can retreat and feel safe. However, the Universe begs you to ask your self what you are afraid of. That bothers you about the decade or year ending? Many of the fears are in our head but that does not mean you should downplay it. The universe asks you to find a support system to turn to which can be loved ones, spirituality, or religion. These people may seem wise beyond their years and will probably recommend activities to get your mind off the stress, or see that things will not be so bad! These people in your life should be wanting to help solidify your dreams and encourage you to make them a reality.

In reality, your dreams will not manifest overnight. Your goals will not be reached in 24 hours. In reality, to make your dream a reality you need to plant the seed and care for it. Surround yourself with people who care about you and support your goals. However, also work on being someone that people want to be around and want to support. If you are constantly looking down on the world and talking about how nothing matters, imagine how that makes people feel. Would you want to go to someone with something you are passionate about to see them feel indifferent or compete? Probably not. By actively working to avoid being that person, you will attract people who will also want to love and support you. In the ’20s lets work on handling our emotions in a healthy manner without disregarding them. The ’20s are going to be exciting and full of possibility, so in order to prepare for that, we need to make the active decision to change our life for the better, or else the ’20s will be a repeat of the ’10s.

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