The Power of Why in Witchcraft

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Spell work is not as simple as putting random ingredients together and calling it a day. There is a heavy emphasis on correspondences with the elements being placed into the spell itself. Not just in spells and rituals, but in general really. Cleansing your space, manifesting, all of it requires you to focus on correspondences. Intent may have a minor effect, but it isn’t everything and I talk about that here. When it comes to creating a spell, or performing one which was already made, it is so important that you do not follow blindly. So many people accept correspondences so blindly but never ask why.

Asking why is extremely important. Learning why a certain ingredient has a certain correspondence can make your life so much easier. When you understand the correspondence and not just ‘know’ it, you will find that your spell work will be stronger. You will be able to use the ingredient more efficiently. Not only that, you will be able to find substitution easier. Asking why also means asking why an ingredient is included. Ideally, every single ingredient has a meaning for the spell. If you don’t have access to the ingredient, substitution becomes easier when you see it as the correspondence.

An example would be wine. Are you using wine for the grapes? If so, grape juice is fine. If for the alcohol content, or the fact wine is an aphrodisiac? If so, grape juice will not suit your spell. Know your ingredient inside and out.

However, there are other reasons asking why is so important. Going back to the example I gave, let’s say you did use grape juice anyways. This would make the spell weaker. Due to the other ingredients, the spell might not be a total flop, but you risk that if the wine had a lot of weight. However, it can also make potential ‘traps’ set out by others to sabotage you and your craft, or life.

When I tell you to check your ingredients and learn them completely, not just the magical correspondences. How do they react in the mundane world? This way you can avoid making yourself sick. Check how they can interact with medication but also other components of the spell. Certain herbs will not react well together. Also, for herbs in jars, do not use fresh herbs and any spell who tells you do is blatantly ignoring the fact that it can cause a potential for mold in the jar. Of course, this can depend on the time of the spell. Normally spell jars are sealed with wax, so typically the contents remain inside for a long time but every spell is different.

Thinking critically is so important with magic, and the biggest aspect that I feel many people refuse to do is ask why. Nowadays it is so easy to google correspondences but we fail to ask why. It is so easy for someone to say x corresponds with y, and without asking why or researching why, you will not know if that is true or not.

Personal Correspondences are also important in spell work, but you still need to ask why. Why does this ingredient hold that correspondence to you? What can back it up? If you are saying an ingredient holds a certain correspondence because you say so, that’s weak and so is the correspondence. With putting a little more thought, you can really make a huge difference within your craft.

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2 thoughts on “The Power of Why in Witchcraft

  1. I love how you are focusing on the need for thoughtfulness in spell work. So many people only go off of lists of correspondences or intuition, which is great to start, but asking why as you said is a great thing to include to make spell work stronger. Great post, thank you!

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