Mercury Retrograde – Back Up, Now!

I have already spoke on Mercury Retrograde in the past, but this post is not going to be as focused on the retrograde itself, but more what to do during it. I already mentioned this briefly in the post linked above, but Mercury Retrograde is about reflecting back onto what has happened, and allows you to learn and grow from it. This time around, I plan on providing you this short resource about reflection, and how to utilize it not just this retrograde, but retrogrades to come.

If something is not going well, chances are the foundations were rocky anyways. Mercury retrograde does not make things go wrong but will bring to light the faults that already existed. When we reflect, we can find where things went wrong and ensure it does not happen again. Also, with reflection we can see where we went right and can use that to our advantage. If we know our strengths we can work on our weaknesses.

There are two main forms of reflecting I will talk about today, Meditating and Journaling. Both have their benefits and can work for different people. Reflection, by definition, is about self-examination and putting careful thought into a situation. This can be done using both methods.


This is a popular one in the community, but if you are not doing it right, it is useless. This method of reflection can call for you to find an affirmation, or a mantra, that has to do with the situation that went wrong (“I acknowledge my mistake” or “It may be hard but this message has importance”) or even a reminder of how good things are (“I am safe. I am protected. I am loved.”) or whichever you feel called to do. Do a rhythmic activity (knitting, breathing exercises, yoga, etc.) and focus on the situation you are reflecting on. When you feel your mind wonder tell yourself the mantra as a reminder that you are focused. I tend to do this for 20 minutes but I know some who do it for an hour! It is not a competition, so don’t feel like you need to do it the longest. Focus on learning from the situation without letting it consume you.


This one is similar to meditating, but in my opinion it can be quicker and easier if you like writing. I have a dedicated journal for this, but any paper or even a notepad on your phone will do! The same thing as meditating- I pick the issue I want to reflect on and I analyze it. What went wrong? What is the probable cause? What could I have done different with the information you had then? (sometimes the answer is nothing!) Even if the outcome was negative, and even if it really sucks, talk about it positively. Be firm, don’t sugar coat, but do not attack yourself or the situation. It has happened, you cannot change it. Now is the time to learn so we avoid the same mistakes.

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