Spirit Work Ward – Tarot Spell

I have spoke about protecting yourself while using spirit work, and while this may not be everything you need, I have decided to help out a bit and present to you a tarot spell which will ward against unwanted spirits. I do suggest having multiple wards, but this will help secure them all.

You Will Need:
High Priestess
The Moon

Each card means something important, so it is important that you understand their purpose so you can properly use the energy intended for the spell.

Death in this spread represents the spirit world. Strength in this spread will represent our control over the situation, how we do not need to be forceful to contain this control. The High Priestess acknowledges that there is a lot we do not know, but gives us security that these underlying motives the spirits may have will not harm us but benefit us. The Devil, reversed, will help make sure we are not being manipulated or influenced negatively; we are released from the chains. Temperance is the card which represents the delicate balance of the multiple planes,and finally The Moon, reversed, will bring the unknown into light so that nothing surprises us and we can be prepared.

The way to activate this spell is to place each card one by one, taking the time to meditate on each card for a minute or two. Speak your intentions out loud if you are able to do so. While you place each card, imagine a wall surrounding your house. With each card the wall gets stronger and stronger until it is impenetrable. As the day or night goes on, if you feel the wards have been worn down, find the aspect that is warn down and meditate on that card until the ward fees more stable.

The Layout

Deck: Mystic Dreamer Tarot

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