Halloween is a time where a lot of people get superstitious, so I think it would be really fun to talk about some superstitions I have heard about, in no particular order. Do you know any superstitions that you find are interesting? Let’s talk about it!

  1. Throwing salt over your left shoulder will get rid of bad luck, but throwing salt over your right shoulder will bring bad luck.
  2. You should not jinx yourself- to reverse the jinx you must knock on a wooden surface three times, but the knock needs to be loud enough to hear.
  3. Do not open umbrellas indoors.
  4. If you see a penny on the ground, only pick it up if heads are up! If it is tails up, it is a sure sign of bad luck!
  5. A bee entering your house is a sign of someone coming, and killing the bee will bring bad luck.
  6. Black Cat crossing your path is a sign of bad luck because of their association with witches, but before that association, it was actually considered good luck! (Be nice to cats)
  7. Stabbing needles through your yarn is a sure way to guarantee that whoever wears what was made with that yarn will experience bad luck.
  8. Your left ear burning up is a sign someone is speaking ill towards you.
  9. If you begin to make your bed, do not stop before it is done or else you will have a restless night.
  10. Walking backwards brings bad luck, and you should always exit or enter a room/house with your right foot.
  11. Dropping a knife signifies a male visitor is coming, and a fork signifies a female visitor is coming.
  12. When someone sweeps over your feet, they say it means you will never get married.
  13. The number 13 is an unlucky number and brings bad luck. In Spain, Tuesday the 13th is considered unlucky due to Tuesday’s connection with Mars.

These are all just superstitions, so you are not guaranteed to have misfortune because you killed that bee (but how could you?) or having a black cat cross your path (the real misfortune is the fact you couldn’t pet it). However, these superstitions are fun to learn about! What superstitions do you know of? Are you superstitious? Is your family? Let me know!

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