Evil Eye – What Is It and How To Prevent It

The evil eye is a belief held in many cultures that a malevolent glare can bring misfortune to someone- normally out of greed or envy. This can effect anyone, but it tends to affect children and young adults more. How can you know that you are being affected by the evil eye? What can you do about it? This post will dive into both.

First, let’s talk symptoms. Symptoms of the evil eye include fatigue, concentration issues, itchiness, headaches, digestion issues, as well as sudden losses (promotions, jobs, opportunities, so on.) However, all of these symptoms can also have mundane causes as well- so be sure to also treat it that way as well!

A quick way to test if you suffer fro the Evil Eye is to add three drops of oil into a bowl of water. If the oil goes to the edges, then the evil eye is on you. If they join in the center, then you are safe of the Evil Eye. Another way is to put the tip of a burned match into water. If it sinks, you have the eye, and you do not if it floats. However, if you are unable to check or feel like something is a little funky with your energy, it does not hurt to cleanse yourself anyways!

There are many ways to get rid of the evil eye, and any families have methods that were passed down fro generation to generation, so feel free to talk to your family members about it! However, common ways to get rid of the evil eye is to cleanse yourself, mainly with herbal smoke or a bath, carrying the Nazar Symbol, Eye of Horus, as well as prayer. Another method is to place an egg in a container and have it under your pillow- if the

Now, there are also any ways to prevent the Evil Eye. Many cultures and families also have different methods of doing so. Common ways could be wearing a red string, wearing black jet amulets, or doing certain hand gestures. The Mano Cornuto (Sign of Horns) as well as the Mano Fico are the most common ones, but your family may have others! (Keep in mind: For the mano cornuto, it is typical that the horns face downward to the ground to prevent/get rid of the evil eye.)

What is your experience with the evil eye? Let’s talk!

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