Past Life Spread

Past Lives have interested many people for a long time. Who were we? How does it affect out current life? What if you could get the answers? This tarot spread is meant to provide insight on a past life, as well as give advice your past self would tell you now if they had a chance.

This is suppose to be for fun with your friends or yourself, but you could also do so in a serious way if you choose to do so. **Note: Do NOT use this spread in a shop. I am providing this spread for you to have fun, not make money off of. Feel free to post your results from the spread and tag my social media in the post, as well as direct them to this post so they can use the spread as well!


Deck: Revelations Tarot [[ID: Six tarot cards on a wooden surface, in two horizontal lines touching, except the middle two which are half a card apart]]

The layout of this spread is a circle. The top of the circle is going to be the first card, and the cards will be drawn counter-clockwise. There is a total of six cards in this spread.
1. Signifier Card – Who were you in the past? This card will represent that. This card will represent who you were on the inside, despite your environment.
2. Aspirations – This card will tell you your hopes and dreams. What were your passions? What did you want to do with your life?
3. Relationships – Who were your friends and loved ones? Who did you associate yourself with?
4. Family – Who did you consider to be your family? How was your familial life? This card speaks on that.
5. Death – All things come to an end, how did this past life do so? Was it peaceful? Natural?
6. Lessons – What would your past self tell you now if they had the chance?

Sample Reading
This is a sample reading of how to use the spread. This is also the reading I provided myself in order to get a photo of the layout, so feel free to follow along with the image above.

In my past life, I was someone who had a sharp tongue and witty mind. Some would say I was ambitious, but in reality I just never thought things through. Some have found it to be inspiring, but others thought I was a pain for doing so. Why did I not just slow down? Who knows, I didn’t! My main goal in life was to be financially stable to support myself, as family life seemed to be chaotic. With no stable family, and relationships that were found to have no real stability (dwelling on the ‘What If’), it made sense that when it came to friends and potential lovers, I desperately wanted to hold onto them. I didn’t want to let them go because it was all I had, but not knowing that holding on too close would cause repairable damage to them- trust issues, control issues, and even toxicity.
Eventually, I died alone. I isolated myself because as I grew, and as more and more people left me, I realized I didn’t want to let anyone else close because I didn’t want to risk them leaving me again. I died alone, and it was my fault.
What would I have done different? What could I have done? My past life, not wanting me to repeat these mistakes, asks me to not give up. Stop giving up on myself- and that my past and my environment will not and cannot define me. By causing my upbringing to cause so much damage to my relationships, that my ambitions were not met, by allowing myself to focus on myself, and knowing I have worth, I could save myself a lot of trouble.

Please feel free to have fun with this spread, and let me know the results!

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