Fortune Friday

Hello, Happy Friday! I hope the week treated you well. I am sending out positivity and good vibes to those who wish to receive! As always while I am posting this today, note that this reading is timeless. If you do not feel the need to read this now, that’s fine! Come back later, it will still be here!

Fortune Friday is a weekly reading which focuses on the external energies, what we cannot control, so we can learn how to work with it to meet our goals. There is no point fighting the tide, so ride the waves to get where you need to faster.

Take the time to look at the piles and see which pile calls out to you. Feel free to chose one, two, or all three. Once you feel the pull, proceed to the reading!

Group One

Number Ones, this reading is really cheering you on. You worked hard for what you have, so allow yourself to be proud of the work you have done! Stop telling yourself you aren’t there yet, and actually notice how far you came! You deserve to enjoy the product of your hard work, too. When you overwork yourself and experience burnout, it may cause you to want to quit completely, which is not in your best interest. Take the break to see how far you came without losing sight of what is ahead. Who knows? Maybe seeing what is here now and the progress you made will make you more excited about what is to come.

Group Two

Number Twos, slow down. I understand how frustrating it is when you want to move forward but you are not there just yet, and that is okay! Right now, you are nurturing the project you are holding so close. It is not going to be easy. There are many people who want to tell you that you’re doing it wrong or should give up, and you should ignore that. However, allow yourself to take in constructive criticism. Allow yourself to grow better and be more efficient, but don’t doubt the fact that you deserve to succeed. You deserve it so work for it.

Group Three

Things are overwhelming right now, and I understand. Things are to the point you feel so nervous of messing up and as much as I get it, it is important that you know you are not seeing the whole picture. You are scared of the what-ifs, and it makes sense. Allow yourself to accept help, because people out there do want to help you. You may feel you don’t deserve it, or need to work through this alone, but you don’t. You can get help. People want to help you. Just accept the help.

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