Ouija Boards – How Do They Really Work?

You see it in movies, a group of friends gather around the table with lit candles, everyone touching the planchette. They are joking around and not taking it seriously, then it moves. One friend goes “Okay, who moved it?” and nobody admits, then the planchette flies across the room. All hell breaks loose and the horror begins. You heard of the ouija board letting in demons, but the question is how accurate is that? Should you really be cautious of the board?

The simple answer is yes, always be cautious, but it is not as dangerous as the media makes it out to be.

The Ouija Board is just as dangerous as speaking out loud to spirits. Yes, it’s true. When you open yourself up to spirits, you are taking some sort of risk. This risk can be used by speaking out loud, a pendulum, by using a spirit box, tarot cards, or a spirit board. However, the method you use to do so has no effect on the amount of risk that would occur. So me saying this is not me saying it is completely safe, but it is not the most dangerous thing in the world.

This being said, a Ouija board is not inherently evil. While there may be a handful of cases where bad things have happened using a Ouija board, it is not because of the Ouija board. Some may say that it occurred because of the board, or messing up the closing ritual. The reality is that if something bad happened, it is not the boards fault. This is why protection is so important. Spirits may try to deceive you, but they can do that without the board. While I would normally say that forgetting to say goodbye may NOT be the end of the world, when you are communicating with a spirit and you mention the way the session will end is with the goodbye, you can bet that chances are the spirit will stick around until the session is “done.” It is like inviting someone in your house, leaving them in your living room and saying “give me a moment.” Some may decide to leave because they are board and not wanting to wait, but others may make themselves feel at home and entertain themselves while they wait. Some may even feel hurt or angry. Point is, make it clear the session is over.

Unpopular Opinion, but in my practice, the planchette does not move by itself. I will never pretend that it has, but I will not say I guide it myself. I compare my board use to automatic writing. My hand is doing the moving, but I am not consciously telling it where to go. While I can use it to communicate with a spirit, which I would do time to time, it is not uncommon for me to use it to connect with my subconscious, or connect with the Universe. It is important that I do so, so I am able to tell if it is a spirit (and who), my guides, my deities, the universe, or my higher self communicating with me from the board.

A Ouija Board can be a fun tool to communicate with the other side, but it is important to know that the Ouija Board we know today originated as a toy. It was meant to have fun. The board itself is completely harmless, no matter what horror movies say. If you want to try it out, I only ask that you do so without fear. Like I said, the board itself is harmless, but spirits who may not be the kindest will take your fears and use them. The board is a toy but the other realms are not.

Stay safe!

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