Spirit Work – Protect Yourself

When it comes to spirit work, you will hear a lot of people talk about wards, protecting yourself, discernment, without people talking about why each are so important. This post is going to be about some of the Dos and Don’ts of Spirit Work safety, as well as explain why. Note: This is not me saying to read this post and dive into spirit work. Do your research, and and be careful. I highly suggest you do not dive in without working up your intuition and discernment.

First, let’s talk about why it is so important to protect yourself. Everyone talks about it, but why? By protecting yourself I don’t mean from harm, but also draining. It can take a huge toll on you to communicate to someone who is on the other side of the hedge, so by protecting yourself and establishing boundaries, you can protect yourself and keep a healthy relationship with the craft.

Do: Respect the Dead
By respecting the dead, this includes not bothering them unless they are needed and if they know you. When I say know you, I do not always mean personally. For example, you would not bother someone else’s family member for money as if they were part of your family if you had no idea who they are, so don’t ask anything of other peoples ancestors and loved ones. I always suggest working with your own ancestors (this does not mean by blood all of the time, but also cultural.
When you enter a graveyard, hoping to commune with some spirits, feel the energy around you. If you feel uncomfortable at any point, leave. Simple as that. Apologize for bothering them, and leave an offering on your way out. (Oh yeah, ALWAYS bring an offering.)

Don’t: Let Any Spirit in your Home
This one, I really mean any spirit, not all. Some spirits it would be nice to welcome them, but that is only if you worked up your skills in discernment. Your home should be your safe place, a way to get away from spirit work. If you do not set up your boundaries, you can risk being approached by spirits for help when you are not able to. Not only that, but if you struggle to recognize spirits you know, you could unintentionally let in a malicious spirit.
By keeping spirit work outside of your house (or a certain area in your home for you to be able to go and retreat in you need a break), you are enforcing boundaries and allowing yourself to not burn out.

Do: Establish Rules
Whenever you speak to a spirit, no matter how often you have spoken to this entity before, there needs to be rules. Both you and the spirit will have certain boundaries that must be respected. Some may refuse to communicate on certain areas or on certain days, and you need to respect that. Also, you as the spirit worker also need boundaries, and they need to respect that as well. Whenever a boundary is disrespected or crossed, stop working with them for that session. If this entity seems to do it constantly, refrain from communicating with them.
Common rules are about respect, but the ones I find most important are the ones that enforce your boundaries. By stating that you have the right to say no to anything they ask, and you can tell them when they are no longer welcomed you are establishing a boundary, and chances are they will follow suit. They will also demand that they have the right to say no to favors you ask of them and have a right to refrain from contacting you if they do not wish to talk to you at that moment. Respect that as well, and even if they do not demand it, offer that to them. It will, most likely, get them to respect you a lot more.

Don’t: Be Foolish
You are not invincible. Things can happen, both good and bad. If you feel something is off, listen. If you are not able to discern for yourself, I suggest working on your intuitive abilities before diving into spirit work for your own safety.
People are so quick to say that things are not like the movies where you get thrown down the stairs and all, but a lot of the time it is used as a way to avoid the fact it is not always rainbows and unicorns. There are real risks, and no spirit will be offended if you take precautions. If they do? Perhaps you have a right to be cautious.

This is not a golden rule book, there is a lot more to spirit work, but this post is more meant to get the conversation started. What questions do you have? Let’s talk in the comments below!

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