Fortune Friday

Hello, happy Friday! I hope all is well. I send out blessings to those who wish to receive. It is time for another Fortune Friday reading, and even though I am posting it now, the reading is going to be timeless. This means even if you do not feel called to this reading now, feel free to check back at a later date. This reading is goes with the Manifestation Monday reading over on Facebook, but you do not need to have read both.

Manifestation Monday focuses on the internal energies which may be influenced by external energies, while Fortune Friday focuses on external energies, which may be perceived differently depending on the internal energies at play. Fortune Friday deals with what we cannot control, but with the information at hand we can work around it, or with it.

Below I will place the image of three piles. Feel free to look at the card piles and wait to see which pile you are most drawn to. You can pick one, two, or all three if you are called to do so! Try not to rush the process.

Deck Used: Prisma Visions

Group One

Number Ones, the cards are telling me that while it is nice to have others around to help and support you, do you know who you are letting close? What are your intentions? When it comes to growth, it is so important to protect your space. Growth needs to be inwards before it is outwards, and this is why it is so important for us to put in the work. We can wish for things to get easier, and wish for obstacles to go away, but wishing is not doing. By wishing instead of moving forward, you will struggle to get ahead. Have others motivate you, but don’t expect them to do the work for you.

This being said, be cautious of who you let into your space. What are their intentions? While you are working on your growth, it is still possible to help others around you grow as well, but raise together, not by giving all of your resources to someone and then being left with nothing. The cards warn that people may not be sticking around for your best interest. Be careful, some people might try and steal your energy and resources. Protect yourself.

Group Two

Number Twos, allow yourself the room to properly analyze the situation. You are forced to defend yourself and your position, as everything around you will seem to challenge it. This can get frustrating quickly, which is understandable. However, it is important that you take in the criticism coming your way and think about it. While it is not something you should beat yourself over, use this as an opportunity to guarantee you are correct, or learn if you are wrong.

You are in a stable enough position where you are able to take the time to step back and look properly, and pick and choose your battles. You are capable of taking time to make the right decision, but instead of doing so you either put it off, or are not focused one bit. Keep your mind on the goal, and work towards it. You have the potential, I believe in you.

Group Three

Group Threes, this is a major moment in your life. Things are hectic, and chaotic, and you may just want to take a moment to breathe but it will feel like there is no more air. By trying so hard to hold onto something that no longer benefits you, you are causing more harm to yourself than good. The transition in your life is suppose to be quick, sudden, and maybe painful but only for the first moment, but you are prolonging it, making it more intense than it needs to be. Learn to let go.

The universe craves balance, whatever it takes, it will give in return. By holding onto something that the universe is so adamant you no longer need, you are causing yourself more pain. The universe has no concept of pain, or what “feels good”, the universe is unbiased in that sense. What Universe wants is for your best interest, so have faith. During this time, try building more of a relationship with the Universe, or whichever you believe in. Perhaps this relationship will help you keep that faith that things will work out. Pessimism gets you nowhere if you use it as an excuse to not move forward.

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