Fortune Friday

Hello, and blessings if you wish to receive. Today is Friday, which means it is another Fortune Friday post coming to you. As always, even though I am currently providing this reading on Friday, October 4th, this reading is and will always be timeless, so feel free to come back whenever you feel pulled to do so. This reading goes hand-in-hand with Manifestation Monday which is over on My Facebook Page, but you do not need to have read or receive that message to participate today.

What Manifestation does is it takes the internal energy of the week (which can be influenced by external energies) and gives us the opportunity to shape it into what would benefit us the most with the least amount of struggle. Fortune Friday, however, focuses on external energies (which can be perceived differently depending on our internal energy) which we cannot control, but finds a way to make it work.

This is a typical pick-a-pile reading, so take the time to look at the cards below and pick a pile or two, or maybe all if you feel called to do so! Take your time, and do not rush.

Group One

First, I feel pulled to talk about the oracle cards. “I Give Offerings That Are Genuine” and “I Advance Through My Own Abilities”. This is telling me that you need to be true to yourself in order to move forward in life. Currently it is a time of rebirth, but even if you read this in the future it is never too late to start over. Whatever you put out in the world needs to be genuine. This also includes not holding back. Number Ones, it is crucial you do not hold yourself back. Give it your all, but pick and choose your battles. Know your worth and allow growth, but refuse being held down.

Now Tarot says you cannot expect results right away. The hard part is the waiting for change and growth. You are planting a seed, so you cannot expect a fully bloomed flower to appear right away. Nurture it, take care of it. There is so many choices that are available to you and you may find yourself to feel overwhelmed. Patience and balance is required in this time, so allow yourself that. Give yourself time. These beginning stages are so important in your overall growth. Nurture yourself.

Group Two

Number Twos, this reading is quite heavy. A lot of what I am seeing is a struggle to let go. I need you to sit yourself down and ask yourself why you are holding on? Clearly what you are holding onto is not bringing you joy- but is bringing you security. It is familiar to you. Even though there are new and better things wanting to come your way, you are resisting because you want that security. You self-sabotage yourself and call it success. Holding yourself back so you can stay where you are is not success, or good. What you are holding onto does not serve you anymore, so it is best to let it go before it begins to rot and ruin everything else that is going on. “One bad apple spoils the bunch” applies here.

You need to find peace with yourself. “Follow Your Inner Guidance” shows me that you already know what to do, but you are afraid. I am not saying you shouldn’t be, fear is normal. I am only saying you should not let the fear rule over you. You deserve the good things coming your way. When (and I say when and not if because I believe in you, Number Twos!) you accept what is coming your way, and it becomes scary, instead of retreating find a way to make peace with it. Conditions may not be the best, but they will work. You are capable.

Group Three

Number Threes, I can see that you are so willing to dive in and you are excited to take what you need to get ahead, and that is such a good mindset to have. However, you need to ask yourself if you are taking absolutely everything, including what isn’t yours. It may seem nice, and may even be nice for a bit, but if you will your plate with things that are not for you, how can you receive what is? Universe has a plan, and this plan takes time. By taking what you think will speed things up is not going to work out well. You need to be ready- then Universe will proceed and give it to you. The last thing you want is to take what isn’t yours, then when things get difficult or just don’t work out you become discouraged. Don’t be, things can and will be better, just focus on you. Universe will help guide you.

You have so many ideas and projects you want to work on, and that is amazing and I wish you the best. I just ask you to take your time. These creative devours will take a lot of time and effort, but the end result will be amazing. You may look at it and see that it is not where you want it to be at, but you need to give yourself time. You are one person, and even if you have a team of people things take time, so give yourself some. Don’t let the fact it is taking longer than you hoped discourage you. Don’t look at time being needed as a failure. Many people spend many months or years on a project, don’t give yourself a week. Keep going. Sit back, relax, and don’t stress. Don’t put in your 100 percent, keep a steady 75%. When you have a distance of 800m to run, you don’t sprint the entire time, right? Keep a steady pace so you don’t burn yourself out. Then, now and then, make that sprint at the checkpoints. You got this!

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