Fortune Friday

Hello, happy Friday! I hope everyone had a good week. Similar to Manifestation Monday over on my Facebook Page, I try my best to put one out every week. Both Fortune Friday and Manifestation Monday work off one another, but it is completely possible to just use one or the other. Also, keep in mind that this particular reading is timeless, so feel free to come back to this reading when you feel called to it.

Fortune Friday is a reading which I take the energy of this week and basically analyze the energies present which are out of our control, contradicting Manifestation Monday where we look at what is in our power, and teaches us how to make the most of it. I will place an image of the piles below for you to see which one you are drawn too. Note that you can choose more than one pile if you feel called to do so.

Group One

My Number Ones, there is a huge emphasis on choices, and universe is urging you to keep faith. You may feel like there is not much to go off of by this point, feeling lost and confused, but note that there is light at the end of this tunnel, no matter how far that light may seem. Life is not a walk in the park, it is a garden. You have to put work and effort into it but by doing so you reap the benefits. You get to see the beautiful flowers and harvest the fruit of your trees, and in return you continue to tend the garden. The rewards are not instant, but I promise with continued effort your flowers will bloom. It may be difficult to see since everything is clouded and confusing but you must have faith.

The responsibility will feel like a burden, and you may find yourself thinking “why me” quite a bit. A lot of it will feel out of your hands and you need to understand that a lot of life is out of our hands, the only thing we can do is make the most of what is thrown our way. Trust the process, even if it feels difficult. Going back to the garden metaphor, we cannot change the fact if a storm comes along. Don’t think of it as being knocked down, just halted. Analyze why the halt happened, and work your way through it. If life was smooth sailing, a lot of our lessons would not be learnt. Don’t avoid the lessons because that can cause them to be louder. Listen and learn. Trust the process.

Group Two

Number Twos, you are the only ones with major arcana cards in your pile, and that always sticks out to me. It really emphasizes the fact that things are not really going well, but it is vital you hold onto hope. A lot is out of your control, and it makes sense that you are not having the most positive outlook. Things are confusing and hazy and it is hard to tell left from right at times. It may seem like everything you do is wrong, but note that all hope is not lost. The cards urge you to acknowledge the fact things can be quite shitty now, but that it is not like this forever. Stop fighting, stop forcing, and just allow yourself to receive the lessons. Think of it as that one mandatory class you absolutely hated but needed to move forward- if you avoid it you just make it worse for yourself in the future. Take the class, get it over with, that way you can get to the electives you’re excited about even quicker.

Also, Number Twos, note that when it comes to your business, career, or anything that you expect to help you grow and succeed, you need to keep it to yourself. No more sharing the plan before it is over. Keep it hidden and to yourself. If you need help ask for it, but if you keep talking about what you want to do, it may take longer to actually do it. Take the steps towards your goal, then you can talk about it once you succeed.

Group Three

Number Threes, things seem to be pretty steady for you. This is for sure a time you are really taking the time to analyze what is ahead, and planning your next move, but soon it is time to reap your rewards. Keep your cautiousness because it will serve you by keeping the benefits plenty. It feels like you are waiting for an okay, and this is it. You’re allowed to enjoy what you have earned. Moderation is key, but moderation does not mean avoid it completely. Your younger self would be so proud of who you are set to become, even if you feel you are not quite there yet. The point is you need to try and you have. Be proud of yourself.

Also, speaking of being proud of yourself, there has been a lot of obstacles in your life, but it hasn’t stopped you. You have persevered through it all, even if there were setbacks. Know that Universe is rooting for you, even if it feels like the opposite. Universe has no concept of what “feels good” and what doesn’t- only what is good for us and what isn’t, even if it doesn’t feel good at the time. Trust the process, you are already close to reaping some benefits, so don’t lose hope!

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