Psychic Scammers – Who? What? How?

You have probably heard this term before, but what is a psychic scammer? A psychic scammer is someone who claims to be a psychic to try and get money from you. This can be someone who will try to manipulate you or can even get emotionally and mentally abusive. However, know that it is not the end of the world! Even though psychic scammers can be an issue, it is so easy to protect yourself once you know the warning signs. In this blog post I am going to talk about a few types of scammers and how to protect yourself from them. I am also going to end this post with a general “how-to” for protecting yourself against this.

Generally, how many Scammers will operate is they will find their way into your email, will call you, comment on your social media, or even confront you in person! A big sign is that they proclaim to be the “best of the best” and would consult for X famous person or Y Royal Family. It is normal for psychics to showcase their accomplishments, as in if they wrote a book or appeared on a television series, but normally they won’t have to say how good they are, they trust their abilities will show that themselves!

The first type of Psychic Scammer is one I like to call the “Happy Go-‘Un’lucky” Scammer. This is the ‘psychic’ who will tell you that all of these amazing things will come your way. They will normally talk of your past life and say you were an important figure such as a celebrity or a tragedy victim. They will say your aura is so amazing, they never felt one as powerful as yours. They will say a huge sum of money is coming your way, you will find the purest of pure love, and life is a huge fairy-tale for you! However, something is threatening that. No worries, just by x product from them and you’re set! However, x product works best with y, and you might as well get z for the benefits. Now you just spent an extra $200. You could just say no, but then the scammer gets angry. Now it is becoming “buy this, or I will put a curse on you!” Now, this can be an issue, especially for those with anxiety issues (who, by the way, these scammers tend to target.) With these scammers it is so important to put your foot down. Don’t try and say “I don’t have money,” because they might persuade you with “discounts”. Be firm- You. Don’t. Want. Anything. Not one thing. Not even one. Just the reading. Let the scammer “curse” you. There are many resources out there to remove them, and that is if there even is a curse. However, note that it is completely possible to curse yourself, so it is important to not dwell on it. Cleanse yourself and go on with your life happy knowing you didn’t give the scammer more money than needed.

The second one is the “Doom and Gloom” scammer. This scammer will see that everything is going to go downhill. Nothing is going right. They sense that there is a lot of bad energy in the air, misfortune and curses are plentiful. However, they can help you. If you buy this item or a service, then the curse will be lifted. Just know there will be a followup to make sure the curse is gone. However, when the time comes, the curse it a lot worse than anticipated, so there will be more services that need to be done. Buy this specific crystal taken from some holy land and keep it with you. That should help, it is also $200 because it is a very special stone. When you try to decline, they may urge you to rethink, because they claim these services are vital! This is not true. Again, these scammers will prey on those with anxieties and fears, which is why they can be so dangerous. This is why I also urge you to always bring a friend who will help you think rationally.

The final one I want to talk about is a little more close to home. I call these people “Psychics, but not really.” This is because this person may not pose as much of a “threat” as the above, but are scammers none-the-less. This person will charge you $5, $10, or $15 (maybe more) for a reading they do not even do. It might be completely randomized, assigned by a computer, or even as simple as quoting the tarot book. This scammer is also a threat to genuine readers because they tend to steal our genuine photos and make it seem like it is theirs. This is why watermarks are so important! Nothing ruins an image more than having it somewhere you don’t want it. They also claim to have crazy amounts of experience. This reader can get dangerous because once you pay for a reading, they might keep access to your account and treat it as a “subscription” where you are now paying for this weekly or monthly newsletter which is just simply not good. Thankfully this is easy to spot, but after a month or two.

It is possible to have great experiences, and these psychic and intuitive messages can be very helpful in times of need, but there are some things you should do prior. Do your research on the person, and ask questions- lots of them. I say this in regards to their services. How does pricing work, what are you paying for? Also, never go to a new reader or intuitive while going through something major. Scammers strike when you are vulnerable so if you know you are the type of person to go to a reader for insight, maybe look around now when things are good. Just like therapy- you don’t need to only go when things are bad, going when things are good to make sure they stay good can be helpful too! Now, if your current reader does not work with the topic you are struggling with, ask for their suggestions on next steps. They should be able to help you find someone who is reliable to help you.

Scammers are everywhere, and the psychic community is no different. Protect yourself.

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