Fortune Friday

Hello and welcome to this week’s Fortune Friday! This is a general “Pick-A-Pile” reading that I try to do every week on Friday, similar to my weekly readings on Facebook, Manifestation Monday. Manifestation Mondays basically helps us manifest the best week there is to have by knowing what is to come early so we can tackle it and work on it before it can affect us negatively, or so we know to have confidence as things seem to be going well already so might as well put our best foot forward!

With Fortune Friday, we will be talking about what we have no control over, and how to react to these circumstances we have no control over. This means that even if we cannot stop the situation from happening, we can stop it from creating an impression we do not like. That being said- let’s dive in!

You see, because I am a professional and learned how to do the “read more” function on WordPress, which I am not even sure works if I am being honest but I will tell myself it does, I am going to do a “pick a pile” type of thing. I will place an image with the three piles, and all you need to do is wait to feel a pull to one, two, or all piles. Once you are ready, you can proceed to the reading below the cut! Maybe comment below which one you have gotten!

Three Piles of cards, with two cards above reading “Surrender to the Divine – Full Moon” and “Balance Spirituality and Practicality – Full Moon in Pisces”

Group One

Pisces is all about that “old soul” kind of vibe, and this is really affecting you for the best my Number Ones. Looking at these cards I can really feel the vibe of unconditional love which will stand the test of time. My heart and entire being is being pulled and urged to settle down and just let it be. The importance of what we currently cannot control is that we learn how to adapt and go forward. This old love I am talking about? It will make us better versions of ourselves. The people in our lives who you share this deep, soul-level love with will help enhance your greatest qualities and will make you use said qualities to grow and be better. You deserve to grow and find happiness, and there are people in your life who will provide that for you.

This moon is also all about taking a step back and letting what is meant to be, to be. The cards are urging you to not fight the tide and just go with it. You have been giving and showing your love, compassion, gratitude, all of these amazing things to the ones you love, but now you need to learn to not close yourself off to receiving it. These positive words such as: “You matter to me,” “ I’m proud of you,” “Everything will be okay,” “How can I help?” will be so beneficial. Allow others to show you how much you matter to them. You do not need to give all the time. Things should not be forced, but planned out.

Group Two

My sweet Number Twos, this is a moment of healing. It is important for me to let you know that it will take time, but soon you will see some sort of progress. I also need to let you know that it will not happen if you do it alone, but you do need to take action. Right now I can see that there are people in your life who you love to help and you want to help, but you need to check with yourself to see if you are putting yourself first. When you do, do they get mad? Call you selfish? This is not right, my Number Twos, and I really hope you find a way to ease out of this situation. I would actually recommend cutting it down cold turkey and say you need to focus on yourself a bit. You have this little safe space but it isn’t safe anymore. If you have nowhere to retreat to heal and rest up, how are you expecting to do such a thing? By giving so much, you have consistently been running on empty. 

You are helping these people in good faith, but once they start demanding the help and feeling entitled to it, that becomes an issue. That safe space I spoke about? You use to have one, but now when you go to retreat you realize it isn’t the same. Some of the aspects that make it so safe is being taken from you. The people you use to confide in you probably fee you can’t confide in them anymore. Your own room where you get to be alone and rest? You’re not alone, you are stuck with the thoughts and worries which are not even truly yours but others you wish to help. There is a lot of bad and misfortune, and you probably feel trapped in this cycle, but I am telling you that you are not. You are not trapped, you are not alone. You need to make that leap. Cut it out, and focus on yourself a bit. You don’t have to never help people again, just make sure you are prepared to do so. While doing this reading I can feel how heavy and tired you feel right now, but it is only temporary. However, it is only temporary if you take yourself out of the situation that is causing you discomfort in the first place. Don’t deplete yourself.

Group Three

There is this feminine energy in your life (meaning “receiving” energy. Very much in the moment and trying to enjoy what is ahead opposed to masculine energy which is more assertive) and I am getting the feeling that you are not quite comfortable with this. You probably need to feel like you have some sort of control, so it might be comforting to hear that this passiveness you need to go through is only temporary. It is highly recommended that you take the time to plan for the next steps. What do you want? How can you achieve it? You also need to learn that just because you are passive does not mean you are powerless. You still hold all of this power and potential within you, but you are organizing first. You cannot act head first without looking at the situation you are in. That is what this is, analyzing. Preparing.

In the past things may not have gone so smoothly, so now is the time to analyze what has happened so you do not have to go through it again. You may be tired and drained but I need to ask you why you are in this situation? Has it happened often, or are you now hesitant to move forward that way again? You should not completely close yourself off to it, but you should plan for the next time. Are you stuck in your ways or is it just difficult to climb out of this path you are in? Nothing is impossible, and a lot of what is holding you back is actually in your mind. This is not to downplay your experience, it is very much real. I’m just saying that the influence is internal, not external. Focus on yourself and know yourself. When you know yourself, you know your limits and how to make what can feel impossible, more possible.

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