Not Every Reading (Or Reader) Is For You

This post is divided into two, Part One being about Readers and Part Two about General Readings.

Every reader is different, and because of that it is important to understand that it means not every one of them is going to work for you. Every reader is unique in their own way and this can work well or negatively for you depending on who you are. As a Querent (or seeker) you will have different needs and certain reading styles will work well for you and some will not. Do you prefer a blunt truth kind of reading? Do you prefer a gentle guidance from the reading? There are so many types of reading styles and each are unique to the reader. I like to think of this relationship between Reader and Querent in two ways, between friends and a therapist-client relationship.

I like to see the relationship as a friendship in the sense that you cannot be friends with everyone. Some people can be really amazing and cool but you just don’t click, and that’s fine! Also, there can be friends you use to be close to, but drifted a part. There are also people that you simply can’t stand. The same can be with readers (and Querent!) It is important to note that  the feelings are not and may not be mutual. You might find that the reader works for you, when they feel otherwise or vice versa and that is normal and okay. It is important to find a reader who is just as excited to read for you as you are to receive a reading from them.

This is where that “therapist” relationship comes in. Both parties need to be invested in solving the issues being presented and it is the reader’s job to approach it completely unbiased. Also note that just like therapists, some readers “specialize” in different practices. Some mainly do prediction readings, some love, some soul work and the list can go on forever. This is a working relationship, meaning that not only is it professional, but it needs to work.

Both of these aspects are constantly at play. It is important that you find a reader you click with and works in the area that you need the reading. It is ideal that once you find a reader that works well for you to stick with that reader because as you two grow familiar with one another, it can take the readings to the next level- just like how it is important to stick with one therapist who works well for you. If the reader and you no longer click, it is perfectly fine to move on. What is important is you get the service you need and deserve, and you can not get that everywhere.

You scroll and find one of those “Pick-A-Card General Readings” and decide “why not, sounds like fun!” You pick a number and then scroll to read what it says. You frown, this makes no sense in your current situation. You get annoyed, maybe even angry? Is the reader a fraud? Is it you? The answer: No.

When I say not all General Readings are for you, let me elaborate. They are not all for you now and currently, and that is not the most fun thing to realize. Sometimes a message is not for you at that moment. A lot of general readings, in my experience, are completely timeless. It may not be for you the moment it goes live but it may be for you a week from now, maybe two. Maybe months. The point is that even though we are all responding to the same energy (the Universe, Spirit, Angels, and so on) we are all in different areas of life.

This being said, General Readings tend to serve three purposes: Make sense of the past, Make sense of the present, and Prepare for the future. This being said, each message is meant to serve multiple people. That will mean that sometimes, the wording may not work for you. This is especially likely when there is just a one-card reading . One card for so many people. Things are not always going to resonate with you at that  time- and I am for sure not telling you to try to warp the words to fit your  life. Sometimes, it is not for you at the moment and that’s fine.

If a general reading resonated with absolutely with every person at every moment, then it might be “too general” and people would consider that reader a fraud. It is so easy to pull a card and say “Life is in the gray area, go forward with a smile and you will see things might be a little brighter.” That message can apply to literally anyone. I have not seen many readers provide readings such as this, but I know if they did the comment section would be like “Yeah, and water is wet!” or “And there is 60 minutes in an hour, so what?” Basically saying the person is a fraud.

So, how can you make the most of a General Reading? You can make the most of a general reading by basically taking mental notes and dissecting it. The reason why it is general is because it can affect any area of your life unless specified, but even then it is not on a specific situation. Take each message and think what works and what doesn’t. Now we are going to take what doesn’t and put it into two categories: Is this advice for the future, or Is this simply not relevant now? Now we look at what does work. How can we learn from the information? Looking at the reading as a whole, we must ask ourselves: What questions do you now have? How does this message serve me?

Not every reading or reader is for you, and that is okay. With this information, now you can go forward and make the most out of your experience as a Querent (seeker). Does this post open up questions you may have? Do you need any clarification? Let me know down below in the comments!

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